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can't find any info on this

I woke up one morning and it looked like I had started my period. Problem is, I had a hysterctomy 4 years ago. I still have my ovaries. I went to the doctor of course, she did an exam, my PAP came back normal. I got an ultrasound that showed a "calcified cyst" where I had been stitched up on the inside from the hysterectomy.  The NP that ordered the test couldn't answer any of my questions, said she had never heard of it and was supposed to set me up with a gynecologist. I am still waiting for that appt to be set up. In the mean time, I have tried to find info online about this. What is this? why does it make me bleed vaginally? (it's only slight) Will I need surgery to have it removed and biopsy?
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If it's causing bleeding I would think that it will have to be removed. Call your Dr and ask when your appointment is going to be set up. Someone may have over looked this and you need to get into to see the gynecologist. Take care. Remar
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Thanks Remar,
I did finally get an appt for the gyn. I had called them repeatedly to see if the appt had been set up yet, even stopped in there one day... Finally on Monday I called only this time I asked to talk to the nurse and asked about the results of my ultrasound. She told me I have a cyst on my ovary, and I'm like, HUH?
So I told her that the doctor (NP) had told me something different. I kinda freaked and told her about how I have been repeatedly ignored and I am supposed to be referred to a specialist, . Then this nurse called me back after going over the report with one of the doctors. She said I do have a calcified cyst in the "vaginal cusp" but also a cyst on one ovary. She transferred me to the office manager, and I told her the whole (long) story of the neglect, even when it came to getting the ultrasound, no one called me, I wouldn't have even known I had the appt except that the hospital called me the morning of, and asked if I could come in at a later time because one of their technicians was out sick.
I'm glad I had written all this down, the dates I had called etc, and the office manager took down the info and said "this is going to be made into an official complaint and we are gonna have a staff meeting and learn from this". So within a half hour of calling then I had a gyn appt (finally) for Dec 3. I had fisrt seen the doctor about this on Sep 30.
Sorry if that was TMI.
I will update this when I find out more at the gyn. So maybe if someone else gets one of these cysts and can't find any info they can read this.
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Thank goodness you have an appointment. The office should have called you about this. I'm so glad to hear the office manager is taking action about what happened to you.
So you also have a cyst on your ovary and they did'nt even tell you this before? My gosh, you sure have gotten the run around from this office.
No, is was not too much info. We're always here to listen. Please do keep us up dated on how your doing and what options the Dr is giving you. Take care. Remar
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My GYN appt was today. She did an exam, and seems it's still a mystery where the bleeding was coming from. Possibly endometriosis. I had a bunch of spots removed years ago, but still had some left behind since it was on places too dangerous to remove, such as my bladder and colon.
The ovarian cyst, which is/was 2cm, is not a concern, Dr said up to 3cm at my age or phase or whatever is okay. Since I'm apparently still ovulating.
The other cyst, the complex or calcified cyst on the vaginal cusp, she said isn't necessarily worrisome, It too could be caused by endometriosis, or blood clotting, that's what she said anyway.
So Monday, the 7th, I am going in for another ultrasound, this time at the Dr's instead of the hospital thank goodness.  Then I will go back on the 17th to discuss the results. She said if it's still there, still the same size or bigger, we will set up a date/time for surgery.
So I have to wait another 2 weeks to find out anything... impatient I am, but after monday, I will just try to put it out of my mind until my followup.
There hasn't been any more bleeding lately anyway.
Well...that's a _little_ more info than I had before... But it's still up in the air for now. Will keep you updated
Thanks for listening.
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Another update:
Had my ultrasound on the 7th, went for followup appt Thursday, the 17th.
I am so confused.  Apparently the "mass" on the vaginal cusp or cuff (or whatever they call it) has shrunk, from 1cm to 3/4cm. So that means it is probably not cancerous. As to WHAT is it, The GYN says it could be a polyp, an implant of endometriosis, not really sure... I will have another ultrasound in FEB to see if it has changed.
The other mystery is... She said the bleeding could not have come from that. When she did the pelvic exam on Dec 3, she did not find anything that could be causing the abnormal bleeding.
I was so sure it was vaginal. Now she's got me wondering. I admit the possibility I was wrong. I did not think it was urinary because I didn't have the usual symptoms that come from UTI's. But I didn't think about the fact that other things besides uti's might cause bleeding.
Sooo... they sent my urine in to be tested for cancer cells. The results are supposed to be back Monday.
AND... now I have a colonoscopy scheduled in January, since they have to "rule out" rectal bleeding. I told them it was not rectal, I don't believe it was, but I do now accept the possibility of it being urinary.
I am not looking forward to a colonoscopy. It's not the actual testing I dread so much, but the prep... the day before. Ugh.
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I'm glad to hear your Dr is during more testing to get to the bottom of this problem.
No, the day before a colonoscopy is not fun but it's best to have it done just in case the bleeding may be coming from that area. They will check for polyps and remove them if there are any.
Please let us know how your doing and take care. Remar
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Okay, I called the doctor's office today for the test results. I was told that my urine culture came back fine. So that means no cancer cells.
Still a mystery where the bleeding came from. I was willing to believe it could be urinary, but now I am back to believing it was vaginal, maybe from endometriosis. Only I don't know why the doctors could not have identified that. Why do they say they see nothing that could cause vaginal bleeding/discharge.
But they have to rule out rectal bleeding, so I'm still having the colonoscopy on Jan 14.
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When the nurses and doctor asked why I was having a colonoscopy I told them "vaginal bleeding" they all looked at me funny and I said "I know my front from my back" LOL, my sister who took me for the test just laughed. I told them, well it's possible it's urinary, but it's NOT coming from my butt.
I had one small polyp removed, but it was not the cause of the bleeding.
Followup ultrasound:
the "cyst" on the vaginal cuff has shrunk to 1/5 of the size it was. Doc thinks it's just endometriosis.
I had more bleeding prior to my appt and this time I saved my underpants and took them to show the doctor. I just feel like they don't believe me. By this time I had concluded that it must be urinary... She agreed. Now I have an appt with a Urologist in a couple weeks.
The bleeding has been much less than the first couple times though. I think maybe I've been passing small kidney stones or something... ? Because the last time the bleeding occured, about 4 days prior I had a sharp pain in my side that got worse if I moved around, but it only lasted an hour or two.
Then there's the fact that I've been telling doctors for the past 3 years or so that I'm having pain/pressure in my right kidney area. So they poke at it and I don't wince, so I guess they think it's nothing.
When I do have the pain (in the kidney area) it's dull and annoying, but tolerable.
But I'm not gonna say for sure that I know what's going on, cuz it's been a mystery to me. I feel kinda dumb that I'm not more "aware" of my own body.
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Another update, hopefully the last... urinary system checked out okay. Had a CT scan last week with contrast dye, and a cystoscopy Monday. The Urologist said I'm "normal". I could have made some good jokes about that :)
I asked him if a small stone or stones could have passed, and caused the bleeding. He said "It's possible, but there's none in there now".
The CT scan revealed "several small cysts" on my right kidney. He said that is normal.
Well, maybe it is, but it's the right kidney area that's been bothering me. He said "maybe it's a muscle thing".
He also asked, "Are you sure the bleeding wasn't vaginal"... ggrrrr... we've come full circle. I told him that's what I thought at first but the gynecologist insisted it wasn't.
Whatever. I am not gonna worry about it anymore, put it behind me, unless something occurs again. What else can I do.
Thanks for listening!  
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