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postmenopause complex ovarian cyst

i will be seeing a gynoncologist soon for a complex ovarian cyst which grew slightly. i have been monitored for 6 years with transvaginal ultrasounds which are becoming more difficult and uncomfortable before and after i have them. i am reading about postmenopausal women should keep ovaries to prevent heart and lung cancer and live longer in the future. i don't know what decision to make if he says surgery this time. i am 63. anyone have these situations or problems. please help. thank you
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Yes, the ovaries (and uterus) are essential for good health our whole lives. You shouldn't need to lose any organs if the cyst is benign. A surgeon with good cystectomy skills should be able to remove just the cyst and send it for  frozen section while you are in the operating room. If it's benign, they shouldn't need to remove anything else.

Unfortunately, far too many women lose organs unnecessarily. Only about 10% of hysterectomies and oophorectomies are actually necessary.

How big is the cyst? You've had it for 6 years?
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