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How was your epiglottitis treated? Please share your experience.

Currently, immediate hospitalization is required whenever the diagnosis of epiglottitis is suspected since the person is in danger of sudden and unpredictable closing of the airway.  Doctors must establish a secure way for the person to breathe. Antibiotics may be prescribed to the patient.Initial treatment of epiglottitis may consist of making the patient as comfortable as possible including placing an ill child in a dimly lit room with the parent holding the child, humidified oxygen, and close monitoring. If there are no signs of respiratory distress, IV fluids may be helpful. It is important to prevent anxiety because it may lead to an acute airway obstruction, especially in children.People with possible signs of airway obstruction require laryngoscopy in the operating room with proper staff and airway intervention equipment. In severe cases, the doctor may need to perform a cricothyrotomy (cutting the neck to insert a breathing tube directly into the windpipe).IV antibiotics may effectively clear infection and control inflammation in the body. Antibiotics usually are prescribed to treat the most common types of bacteria. Blood cultures usually are obtained with the premise that any organism found growing in the blood can be attributed as the cause of the epiglottitis.Corticosteroids and epinephrine are used, but there is no good evidence these medications are helpful in cases of epiglottitis.   Patients should continue taking all antibiotics until the full course is completed. They should keep all follow-up appointments with the doctor. Most people improve significantly before leaving the hospital, so taking the antibiotics and returning to the hospital if there are any problems are the most important parts of follow-up.
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I had intubation for 5 days with antibiotics. I was diagnosed with epiglottitis HIB.
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