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GFR of 69

So I have been having a lot of kidney infections lately. Sometimes I have blood in my urine so they did a complete kidney test and GFR came back at 69. Creatinine level was normal though and no protein in urine. Only had my GFR tested once before about five years ago and it was 112. What would make it go down so much? Should I be worried? They said anything over 60 is normal but I have read it’s not normal unless it’s 90 or above.
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Hi. What kind of GFR test you used was id eGFR or the Renal GFR Scan? if you eGFR the normal value should be 90 and above. However age and body mass are also factors to consider in analyzing GFR. There was a significant drop in your GFR you really need to be seen by nephrologist for further assess you. Good thing your creatinine is still ok. You should be evaluated to the real cause of kidney disease should be recurrent UTI, post Strep infection, Diabetes or even connective tissue disease like lupus.
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