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I've had a kidney infection for a while now...

I've had a kidney infection since November of 2009.  I didn't know what it was until around March when my doctors started putting me on antibiotics.s The first round I was on seemed to make it worse.  The second round they had to overdose me on and it helped for about 2 weeks then it came back strong as ever.  I went on another round and it did nothing.  I experience pain every day and I've lost quite a bit of weight with the infection.  Enough to where I have a lot of problems with low blood sugar now.  

I guess the question I'm trying to ask is, what does anybody think of this?  There are more symptoms I've been experiencing and if I need to elaborate I will.  I'm only 21 so please forgive me if I don't know the proper medical terms for some things.  

Also, seeing doctors for me is kind of hard because I live an hour away from my family physician because of college.  I have to work a lot to pay rent and I live just as far away from my family.  My insurance doesn't cover any doctors out here the only place my insurance covers specialists is over 2 hours away and I'm struggling with money right now.  So, anybody that says why don't I just got see a doctor, it's because it takes a lot of planning because of my situation.  
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I know this.  Trust me.  I do.

I take no offense, but believe me, it's difficult because I go to school and work two jobs.  Also, even though I work a lot I rarely even have gas money to get home.  You're telling me things I already know.   I've been to doctors and I've been on more rounds of antibiotics in 2 months than I have in my entire life.  I actually do have an appt with a urologist in just over a week.  I got on here just to try to see what other people think about the actual condition and not lecture me on having my priorities straight.  I've heard this all 1,000 times now.  

If you have any actual advice or opinions about my condition other than what you just stated it would be greatly appreciated.
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I  have  to  say  it  like it  is,  sorry if  it  offends you.

YOU  NEED  TO  SET  YOUR  PRIORITIES  STRAIGHT.    Your  health  should  come  first.    If you  have  no  health, you'll have  nothing  else.
Make the  time  to  go  see  a Dr  wherever  it  is,  and  get your  kidney  infection  taken  care of.                If you  let  this problem  go  on  too long,  it  will definitely  damage  your  kidneys  and you'll  have  to  be  seeing  a Dr  and  dialysis  staff  on  a  regular  basis (whether you  like it  or not).

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