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Kidney disease

Hi recently I had pain on my adominal, usually the pain is on the right upper abdomen and the pain seem to move to lower left and right. I haven't did my kidney function test yet but I already did liver function test and my ALT is 9 U/L does this low ALT indicate that I have kidney issues?
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Your ALT is totally normal and a good number.  The lower number is what you want.  Do you have issues with your kidneys? You are saying you have right upper abdomen and also now lower right and left? Get checked out.  It doesn't have to be kidney issues and your description doesn't really sound like it but you've given really little information. When do you see your doctor? But your liver test is good.
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Thank you for the response. I just did an ultrasound and the ultrasound specialist said she sees growth in my liver and gall bladder. On the 28th I will be seeing a doctor for review. I am just hoping the growth in my liver is benign. And also I hope the gallbladder is just stone. She said she doesn't see any adnormalities in my kidney.
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