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14-yr old, female, elevated WBC

My daughter has had a HORRIBLE sore throat (and fatigue) for 3 weeks now; negative tests - strep, Mono, Covid; no tick bites; she's had 2 CBC draws - WBC = 13.7 and 18; they're doing another blood draw tomorrow for Lyme, other tick-borne diseases and cat scratch fever. I've read that sore throats are potential symptoms of L&L so I thought I'd ask for thoughts here. Thank you
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Hi, there is zero reason to think of any blood cancer like L&L. So don't trouble your mind with that. It's most likely some infection.

Either it's a very virulent infection, or else she has very strong immune reactions. If it's the latter, then there'd likely be some family history of immune system conditions.

If her tests were all negative, we can discuss what can be next to look at.
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