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newly diagnosed

My father has had CLL for many years and now my doctor is doing final blood test to confirm the disease and a CAT Scan. Since my father has this and now I do (I am 59 yrs) does this mean CLL is hereditary.
I was sort of taken by surprise, I thought my white cell count was off because I was under stress with a husband who has terminal bladder cancer and I have been tired and stressed.
Does this disease always progress slowly or does it depend on each person?
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Thank You for responding to my posts, any info would be good, most of what I find on the internet, I never know what to believe.
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I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I didn't have CLL (I had Follicular), however everything I've ever read about lymphoma in general is that it isn't hereditary and most likely caused by things like pesticides, herbicides, hair dyes, etc.  It is quite remarkable that you and your father have the same diagnosis.  

Like Follicular, CLL is a very slow growing disease and most people endure treatments multiple times over their lifetime to keep it under control.  Most people can live long, productive lives with this disease.  If you're interested, I can point you to some very good resources about lymphoma.
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