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I need help interpreting my MRI report for my liver

So I have had a CT scan, MRI and Ultrasound done on my liver.  It is fatty, enlarged and there appears to be a cyst  and lesion on it.  The MRI was the most recent and it was compared to the other two.  I got the report in my portal last night and don't see the doctor for a while yet for follow up.  Im curious what all this stuff means other than what I already know.  

Liver: Mild hepatomegaly, measuring 20.8 cm craniocaudal. Loss of signal throughout the liver on the out of phase images, compatible with hepatic steatosis.  Lobulated subcapsular cyst within the posterior right hepatic lobe measuring.1 x .9 cm containing a thing septation, ill defined region of within the right hepatic lobe, extending to the capsule, which is of increased signal with respect to the remainder of the liver on out of phase imaged, which demonstrates no discrete T2 signal alteration and appears increased in signal with respect to the liver on postcontrast images, including delayed hepatobiliary phase images.  this region appears to measure approximately 4.6 x 2.3 cm and there are suspected coursing vessels through this region though difficult to assess due to motion.

Trace abdominal ascites, most pronounced adjacent to the right hepatic lobe.  
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