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discomfort in my right side

Hi for a while I have had a discomfort in my rightside when sleeping, at first thought it was our mattress then it continued on holiday. First doc ignored any problem and said come back when worst.  I have gone back and now will be having a ultra scan. I am concerned as I am warfarin and my levels have been unstable for a few months high then very lower. i don't drink alot when I  have wine its always half or quater and topped up with soda or water.
When I was 18yrs I had liver problems and jaudance. having read up on the signs.. I do have constipation and then ok, have felt bloated, have my left ankle slightly swollen as if  as slight twist, and friends say I look like I have lost weight, must admit I don't eat alot unless cooked for me, otherwise small portions and top up on sweet things.

What should I be doing to ease my Liver,, am worried it is damaged?
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Hi there, it is really hard to say.  Did your doctor examine you to see if your liver is swollen?  I have a friend who lay on the floor and felt a bump.  It turned out it was her liver and she had fatty liver.  Not saying you had that, just thinking it might be a good way to see if yours is swollen completely unscientific.  I am just a fellow patient like you.
To help your liver you could try just drinking water, that would help quite a bit.
Has your doctor done any blood work? to check your liver function?
Just trying to kind of think out loud here.
I think it is awful your doctor ignored your pain.
A liver friendly diet would consist of no red meat, no fatty or fried foods.  No butter, no mayo.
Just some thoughts off the top of my head
Take Care
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I am having the exact same feeling your friend had. Do you know whether she had any swelling around front or back ?
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