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high direct bilirubin and SGPT level...mild hepatomegally...worried...

      i am 29 yrs old male.5 weeks before i checked my liver function test and total blood count.everything were normal except slight variation in cholestrol level,SGOT and the SGPT and bilirubin levels were high.the final impression under lab report was "mild hepatomegally".also i found myself to be overweight so i decided to reduce my weight by 8 kgs.after reducing my weight with proper controlled diet and regular excercise.stopped eating fried foods and non vegetarian food.last day i did the liver function test once more.the result
TEST                                      RESULT                 NORMAL VALUE
AST(SGOT)                            32.09 U/L                 10 - 50 U/L
ALT(SGPT)                              92.4 U/L                    upto 41 U/L
alkaline phosphatate                80 U/L                      40-129 U/L
total bilirubin                             16.99 μ mol/l            5.09 - 20.34 μ mol/l
direct bilirubin                           8.01 μ mol/l              upto 3.39 μ mol/l .
total protein                               7.33 g/dl                   6 - 8 g/dl
albumin                                     4.46 g/dl                   3.4-4.8 g/dl
doctor said there are mild symptoms of jaundice.
my queries are:
1.what is the current status of my liver function?is it serious enough to get worried?
2. what is hepatomegally?can this be cured or will this lead to cirrhosis?
3. doctor prescribed me liv 52 tablet.does it have side effects?
4. what are the diet plans and medications for my current liver condition?
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your billirubin levels are normal, how can you have jaundice?
direct bilirubin level is high in the test report
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What is your MELD score?
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