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my Sgot and sgpt counts are elevated

My Sgot count is 42(5-40) and sgpt is 43(5-40) I am pilot so my medicals require me to be within range
I don't consume alcohol or smoke
I am a big time non veg eater
How do I reduce it to normal level?
My ldl count is also 112 limit is given less than 100
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I know exactly how you feel I am currently self grounded because I am taking a brand new med to treat hepatitis c.

You should see your doctor to find out what is going on. I have had hep c since I started flying and have a special issuance since my solo. The most important thing is your health then your job. If you lose your health completely you won't be able to fly so better to fix whatever it is sooner than later.

Blue skies and tailwinds
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Flyinlynn I had fatty liver during my initial medicals but my counts wr within range so was no.issues even now it's just 2 points over the limit but still how to reduce it
Any idea?
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I saw your other post you are a bit heavy and as you had fatty liver already other than ask a doctor for their recommendations which s still my toto answer maybe lose a bit of weight the right way diet and exercise no fancy diet pills that could make thing worse. And drink enough water.

You are just a bit over the normal so hard to know what the AME will say. You could call the FAA medical department near you or Oklahoma City medical department and ask them. You don't have to give your name. Even say I havd a friend who....... If you want you can message me to take this off line. But I am west cost and going to sleep now.

Good luck
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I found this also


Basically I tend to stay away from supplements but if you want you can try milk thistle. What you need is mostly diet,  exercise, water and make sure the root cause is fatty liver which is something you can do something about vs some other cause that will need treatment by a doctor
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