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stem cell treatment

sir my mother 63years  is suffering from cirrosis of liver  since  2006
doc liver damed @90-95%.recently had infection in acitis (with cell cout 604/cumm.
is stem cell treatment viable &result oriented
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unfortunately I think this is many years away.  i think right now there is some theoretical excitement but right now more hype than reality.
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I asked the doctor a related question in October 2008. Here is that question and answer.
What is your opinion of Stem Cell theapy for liver failure due to hepatitis C or cirrhosis? There are press releases touting the effectiveness of this approach versus liver transplant. Is this a viable alternative or is it just hype? I had a living donor liver transplant 8 years ago and I know the problems with obtaining an organ for transplant. If this is truly an option for some it could help reduce the waiting time or provide available organs for others.
by Thomas D Schiano, MD  
Stem cell therapy for these conditions is in theory an option in the future but is still years maybe decades away from coming to clinical benefit.
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