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March 2012 Updates

It has been a year..

time to update each other on our March 2011 Babies!

We would love to see photos! If you have one you would like to share, please create a new post so you can add it. Otherwise, update us here:)

I'll kick things off:

My little girl is keeping me quite busy these days! She began walking one day shy of her 11 month birthday, and is having a blast with her new-found freedom. We are beginning to hear her speak several new words, and can tell that she is beginning to attach meaning to many words and some phrases. She is eating well, and growing so fast. Love my girl!
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Hi girls!! It's been forever since I've been on here! My little man turned 1 on March 30th and we had such the party for him! I started planning it when he was just 2 months old!! I knew time would fly by so I was getting myself prepared and I was glad I did, cause the year flew by!! Hudson has been such an awesome lil guy. He's so happy and has been the bestsleeper since he was about 4 months. Which I think is pretty good for a breastfeeding baby:) He took his first steps right at 10 months and he has been saying a few real words; dadda, baby, Bella(our dog) he babbles constantly so I'm sure we are going to have a word explosion coming soon:) he has 7 teeth and I think another one is going to appear any day now...

I'm so ready to have another baby so we are going to start trying soon, but I'm still breastfeeding so hopefully it won't affect our chances of getting prego, because I don't think the lil guy is ready to give it up just yet...

I loved reading everyone's updates! Hope everyone is well:) I will try and post a pic when I get a chance of my lil man! Happy 1 year to all the March babies!!!
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Hi all
Liv is now 1 year and 1 moth she is the best little girl sleeps all night and eat all the time so no probleme there. She is going  kindergarden 4 day s a week and she love s it  she loves kids and kisses all the boys . She dosent walk alone but she walks if i hold her hand wich is cool with me case she is lazy with this ( maybe case she is a big girl 11 kg at 1 year) she talks all the time she says maim and apa eich both mean water in romania and hibru she sayd bo all day long wich is come in hibru pipi mama dada toda so many words i cant remenber . The best think she start doning is pipi and caca in the potty that was one of the best day ever i just pit her on the potty said pipi and she made it wow . Now she makes 4-5 times pipi or caca a day in the potty wich is amazing to me since she is not walking .
Im glad to see u guys still around case it was a great place for me when i was pregnant .
Liv went all out with her birthday party was to much work for mamy so next one is home only close fam . We are thinking off new baby but im realy scared to be pregnant again was realy hard on me and on my body but i still want obe more.

Good luck to all mamys and babys and keep updates
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LOVE reading these updates! thank you to all who took the time to share :)
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Gabriella turned 1 yesterday, March 4th.  We had her first birthday party at our home, and it was about 25 people or so.  She is doing awesome. She is such a happy and outgoing baby.  She started crawling when she was 8 months, and it taking many steps now on her own, but not walking entirely yet.  (That's OK with me!)  She has 5 teeth and has had 5 since December, and she is cutting 4 on the top right now. So, she's been up at night a little bit, but she's a great sleeper.  This past year has been amazing, but as another poster said, so incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time.  I struggled with PPD, but after medication and recovery, am doing much much better. I am enjoying every moment with my girl now! I have not yet returned to work, and do not plan to... I am a stay at home mommy! It is the best :)  So exciting to hear how far we have all come and how our babies are doing one year later... hasn't time just flown by? I can't believe she is a year already.  

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Brennyn will be 1 on the 19th & is my Beefy lil man.  He is 26lbs already & his 3 yr old sister is only 2.5lbs heavier then him.  He began crawling around 5 or 6 months & has been walking while holding hands for about a month now.  It has been a long difficult year, but I am NOT ready to say good bye to my little baby boy.  We were pregnant again but discovered on Valentines day it was a tubal pregnancy & had to have surgery the following day to have it removed.  He has quite a few words & over the last month every time music is played he starts babbling & rocking to the music. My only lil boy & a huge mommas suck which I wouldn't trade for the world. Can't believe the time has flown by so quickly that all our little ones are turning 1 so soon. :(
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Lyla will be 1 on March 4th. She is a great baby!! She has been so wonderful, makes me want more!!! She started crawling around 7 months and started walking 3 weeks ago. I can't believe how quickly they become little people. She is very happy and smily all the time. I work 4 days a week but have nice 3 day weekends to spend with her. My big kids love having her so much too. Tyler (10) and Paige (9) play with her all the time.

I am planning on TTC again in September of this year. I think that will be a good spacing between Lyla and the next one =)

She says a few words right now. She says kitty cat (in a whisper) and of course mama and dada. She over the past few weeks has gotten really good at expressing exactly what it is that she wants. She points, tries to make words, reaches, things like that.

Lately she has been having some seperation anxiety. my husband works out of town alot during the week so by time he comes home she will not let him go. Its cute but also sad for my husband and for me (mommy wants love too). I am hoping this phase wont last long.

We are celebrating her first birthday this Sunday. I have about 40 poeple coming to our home for it. Should be pretty hectic and crazy but fun too =)

Glad everyone is doing well. This is not allowing me to add a picture so I will post one in the regular room.

Keep in touch everyone. I miss how active we used to be on this board and would like it to continue.
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:) So glad to hear everyone is happy!

My boy just turned 11 months. He is crawling a lot and standing if he's holding onto things and he is even walking if I hold his hands but I think he's a bit shy of walking on his own right now :)). (we have enough time for that!)
This year has been the hardest of my life! With many ups and downs and moments where I felt like giving up. But I was lucky to have my family and especially my mum by my side.

Things seem to fall into place now and seeing him grow and learn every day makes me think it was all well worth.
He's "talking" in his own language a LOT. He's also saying BAA whenever he sees a sheep (or a pig LOL) and he likes "reading" from his books. He is saying TATA (dad) and MAMA (especially when he's in distress) and DAI (give me) whenever he wants something... including being picked up.

He was sick just once this year... about 2 weeks ago when we moved to India. It was heartbreaking for me as I had no idea how to deal with this situation and he hated taking his medicine but we pulled that through as well.

He's very very sociable and smiles at practically everyone on the street but he doesn't like being held by anyone but me (my poor back!).

I hope everyone had a great first birthday and very happy and healthy babies!
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My little boy is a handful. He began walking at 10.5 months because he wanted to keep up with his older sister. He said mama first which made me so happy, but now he says dada, Jess, achoo, uh oh and babbles on and on. He amazes me every day with the little things he does.
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