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Question of Christmas EVE EVE

If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be?

What’s your idea of the perfect proposal?

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
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My fantasy kiss is Jon Bon Jovi but in reality I only want to kiss my husband.

I've been married twice and had pretty undramatic proposals.  I would say that a more fun one (I wouldn't use the term perfect) would happen with me attending a live show or event and having them call me over the loudspeaker to come up to the stage and when I get there my love is there and asks me to marry him in front of all those people.  

We agreed to do no gifts (just stocking stuffers) and are instead saving our money to go on a holiday in the islands in a couple of months.
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1. This guy at school that I really like. I have a feeling that he likes me, but I'm not sure. My ultimate fantasy kiss would be Joe Jonas though. Haha. I feel like such a silly teen girl when I say that.

2. I think the perfect proposal would be if your boyfriend took you to New York City for New Year's Eve and watched the ball drop. Then proposing at 11:59 p.m. so you say yes right at midnight and have time to kiss right after.

3. I'm hoping to find an iPod Touch which I'm almost 100% sure that my dad got. I love touch screens.
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1)Heath Ledger-RIP

2)Anything-My husband didn't actually propose it just evolved

3)Digital Camera-never had one
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My darling man Lachlan.

In bed after a long hard day working on renovations, feeling sleepy, after a few nice wines, He turns to me and says, I really think we get on really well, I love you. Will you marry me? We then kiss and ....ahem.........(Darn it is only an ideal proposal..not reality....sigh...)

I WAS hoping to find a present from my teenage son, but alas, he demanded money from me instead....again with the deep sighs.........
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