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What does your Icon mean to you ?

Notice may of you have some very interesting icons. We all pick them for a reason...mine represents two things I love,,health care and computers,,,and my hair actually is kinda cut like that..

So why did all of you choose the icon you have? what does it represent?
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I have not gotten to the icon stage yet. Only from real photo to animal representation...That dog represents me pretty well. Same colors, similar love for snow, running, endurance...just don`t have a black nose.
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Yup I am a lazy bum it is a sailing pic of me ,I keep meaning to get something else up there as have had it ages..so boring
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Mine someone found for me on a google search for "glycine molecular process". Its clinically accurate and at the same time artistic. Works for me.
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MIne welcomes members to MedHelp.  MedHelp friends helped me get through my thyroid surgery and I hope people who see my icon feel they can get the friendly support and help that I got back in Nov '06 when I first logged on!

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Well, as you can tell from my name.......I'm a self-taught astrologer.  I'm pretty good at analyzing people's personalities based on their sign.  I'm not an expert, but I feel like I've taught myself well.  SOOOOOO, my icon has got the sagitarius symbol  and the 12 astrology symbols surrounding it!  =D
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Mine is a picture of my beloved Toy Poodle, Rusty. I believe that it also represents my love of animals and photography.
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Mine really does not mean anything, it is just me sitting in front of our yard. I guess if it means anything, it is to let folks know who they are "talking to" In other words, put a name to the face.
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Lets just say mine has been fun.......LOL
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Aw come on, Sarah, we really, really, really want to know why you chose Mary Poppins for your icon!
Mine's an angel and doves cause I love angels. :)
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I agree with April......Sarah....SPILL IT-why Mary Poppins?????????

Honey, you are WAY toooooo naughty!!!  LMAO
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Usually my avatars feature some of my artwork.  Most of the time I am featuring one of my story characters.   I also tend to pick a drawing that conveys a mood I am in.  If anyone is curious about a particular avatar I use, feel free to ask.

This avatar (the pinkish flowers) happens to be one of my hybrid African violets. I'm probably going to change it soon.
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I just feel a connection to Homer...same build, hair style, and we obviously share the same typing and computer skills.
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my icon is beautiful disaster in american flag colors

My skate name was Beautiful Disaster....however, most people either called me Disaster. and Since I am american....I used the american flag colors
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We were doing a clown girls competition on the weight loss and diet forum so in spirit i had to find me a clown for my icon! I usually just have my own pic on it though! I think i ll change it to hello kitty now since thats what i really like!
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Mine varies based on my mood.  I don't seem to keep one for very long!  LOL!!!  I'm a Gemini and have multiple personalities!  LOL!!!!
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My icon is just me in my boyfriends car. I thought I looked really nice that day and in my pic my eyes came out way blue. Normally they change colors from green to blue to grayish blue. I love blue eyes and this pic of myself wins with me!!!! It's one of my fave self pics i did of myself.
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your eyes are really blue I looked at the enlarged version on your profile page and your smile looks very pretty too,,,
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Neat to see another Gemini.
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My icon is a fire fairy. Fire is my element. I'm an Aries.

Other than that, it's there because I'm sexy and blonde like that LOL
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so your a firey hot blonde huh? very cool

now whos gonna get Sara to spill her Mary Poppins story,,,,we all want to know  ,,,,,
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Cherie, lol if you wanna put it that way... lol
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My icon means that I'm computer iliterate, not knowing how to download one successfully.  lol : 0
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Mine changes depending on my mood.
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Mine is the national/international symbol for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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