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Could she be?

Could my mom be pregnant? She's 50 she still gets her period but sometimes twice in a month, she hasn't really had any symptoms but she is gaining weight in her stomach, she always had a big stomach though, but today she said to me that she couldn't zip through one of her jeans. She had a miscarriage when she was around 35, but she didn't even know she was pregnant at the time. She also has high cholesterol and blood pressure.
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Menopause starts changing the body.  Is she in pre-menopause?  Has the cause of her bi-monthly bleeding been looked into by a doctor?
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I agree with the post above and also yes if she still has a period then you can still get pregnant. I am 53 and still have a period and my doctor advised us to wear condoms. So, she needs to look into this. I have some months when I don't have a period so I always check for pregnancy anyway and then months when I do have a period that is like when I was a teenager and other times spotting. So it is hard to know but there are a good number of people that have gotten pregnant while peri-menopausal.
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