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Period for 3 Years

Im 24 and ive been having a period for 3 years now non stop well it might stop 4 days out of a month but thats it. My stupid female doctors here says im fine just lil over weight thats all. But most time its like a normal period not light but not heavy and sometimes its VERY heavy like go threw tampon super plus in 3 hours. 3 years ago when it first started i could go threw super plus tampon and super pad in hour at same time. But, any way what could be causing this??
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How'd it go?  Did you find another doctor?
If not, make sure you see someone from a totally different practice.  You want a fresh, unbiased perspective.
Also, make sure they check you for anemia...not as a cause, but that much bleeding over such a long time must have repercussions.
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You need to see another gynocologist ASAP!!!!  Tell the receptionist just what you posted here and be persistent! You need to be seen sooner rather than later.    
Best wishes and keep us posted :)
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Get a different gyno. That is malpractice right there because what you are going through is extremely abnormal and you probably have other health issues now because of it.
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