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Very long period

Hello, I'm 50 year old. My periods were pretty regular and lasted 3-4 days. My GYN told me that my hormones show menopause about 1.5 years ago. This time my period started 2 weeks after the previous. And it goes on and on for more than 3 weeks now. Some days more, some days just spotting, but not even 1 day without. I've heard that it might happen in perimenopause women. Should I be concerned? Can it be something serious?
Thank you all for answering
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Not unusual for your age. Cycles and periods scan run the gamut during perimenopause with bleeding being more frequent than not in some women. Lab work is not helpful since levels can swing from menopause to reproductive during this transition which can last years. Unfortunately, many women are lured into having a hysterectomy or endometrial ablation that causes many more problems than these procedures solve.  
Thanks a lot for your answer. Makes me feel less worried now
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