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entering menopause

I am 50yrs old. I have not had a period for almost 5 months. For the last week I have symptoms of getting a period but only a small amount of mucous mixed with blood. I have mild cramps very low in my abdomen. No breast discomfort. My tubes were tied 10 years and pregnancy test negative. Not sure if I should call the Dr.

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No need to worry - This is not unusual for perimenopause when ovulations become sporadic and the menstrual cycle becomes unpredictable. Some women even get close to the 1 year mark of no periods only to have them start up again. And some have more frequent bleeding than normal. The bleeding may be heavier or lighter. So anything goes.
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This time of life is a very natural process that women generally experience in the late 40s or
early 60s. However for some women the modify of life begins to set in a lot previously, attaining them before their 40s. This is often due to genetics, sickness, medications, or certain techniques. Early the modify of life can current an additional emotional stress when it strikes women trying to conceive. It is important for you to recognize the starting the modify of life symptoms so that you can discuss any issues that you may have with your doctor.

Premature menopause symptoms are mostly the same symptoms that women experience when going through the change of life and include:

● Missed menses or times that are irregular

● Periods that modify and become either bigger or less large than what you
normally experience

● Hot flashes
It is important to note that these symptoms of life change are re-occuring. Having
one 30 days in which you are late, infrequent, or less large than frequent may not be any reason for concern since many aspects can effect and get involved with your frequent design such as stress, illness, medications, dropping or excess weight, etc. However if they happen on more than one occasion and seem to be creating a new design then they may be starting the modify of life symptoms and you may want to discuss this with your doctor.

In addition to the traditional symptoms above, other signs that you are having the change of life symptoms for some women may also involve the following:

● Excessive dry epidermis of the genital area along with very dry epidermis, xerostomia area, and eyes.

● Enhancing issue with relax, discomfort, and insomnia

● A identifiable loss of your sex drive

● Urinary incontinence problems

● Grumpiness which can involve despression symptoms and light battles of depression

If you are affected by these changes of life symptoms there are aspects that you can do to help you manage your symptoms, such as using aromatherapy applied for your bed linens that surround you with the soothing perfume of increased to help you relax and get to relax more easily at night. Or taking natural herbal solutions to help balance out your androgenic hormone or testosterone. So if you experiencing changes it is important that you discuss with your health and fitness care company to find out which choices might be available for you.

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