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light Menopause with no hot flashes but need weight control

Hi ladies, I am hoping to find a menopause supplement to take to control my menopause symptoms. I have some fatigue and anxiety and weight gain. I don't have any hot flashes thank goodness!  I have heard some horror stories with that so I am thankful I don't have those. I do need to get the menopause belly under control. I have been reading online about things that 'create' the menopause belly and the biggest thing is getting to the point of insulin resistance. I think that might be what my problem is but also read that this can be reversed if the body has certain things corrected that got out of whack when menopause hits.
So with that being said, I am looking for help from anyone who has had this problem and found what has helped them.  Most supplements I have looked at all say it helps with hot flashes / night sweats but I don't have that. I am afraid if i do take something like that it will actually give me hot flashes! Lol i'm probably  being paranoid.
Any help given will be much appreciated!
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I am following  cause I have the same issue with all kinds of crazy symptoms going on.  I also have a menopause belly.  Is your own getting firmer by the day cause I am now paranoid.  IUnlime you I had the hot flashes but nor much and with me I can cool down with A/C.  TG.   Do you have other symptoms and if so what are they?
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