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spotting at 64 years old

I am 64 and overweight, has had no period since i was 48, all my results has been normal i suffer from Fibromyalgia and nerve problems for years last month I had one time very light small bloody spot, they did a vaginal ultrasound and it showed my utero with the wall a little thick, had a uterine biopsy and it was normal, little bit discharge has been present since the biopsy kind of yellowish but today I had a lite brown spot kind of dry blood like discharge, after 3 weeks of the biopsy is that normal, has had no intercourse since the biopsy, please I will appreciate your feed back
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Oh man, spotting after menopause, what a pain.  I will say that this is not normal, unfortunately.  When you have any bleeding (and spotting is old blood) after you've gone through menopause, it is recommended to see your doctor right away. You did that.  You had a biopsy.  I would guess that one spot of blood, one bout of spotting could be from the biopsy. check in with your doctor to verify. The biopsy, thank goodness, is clean of cancer. So, it would make sense that this is spotting post biopsy. But give your doc a call to verify and let me know, okay?
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