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Big Scar On My Penis

I have had a scar on the bottom part of my shaft for about 2 and a half years now.It is probably about 2 to 3 inches long. I got it when I was about 14 from masterbating. I am 16 now, almost 17 and it has no signs of fading away. This is very embarrassing for me, as I am still a virgin. I am worried that when I do have the chance to have sex, the girl will not want to have sex with me because of it. Can anyone help on this? I want it t ofade away, but it is very large.
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I don't understand, 91, do you mean you have a scar on the outside (ie., the surface of the skin), or on the inside (ie., the Tunica Albuginea or some other Fascia, under the skin)?  My guess is the latter: unless this causes either curvature or loss of sensation due to nerve damage somehow, or maybe it is unsightly and palpable, gettng in the way, I don't see why this should be a problem.  Sorry I'm not much help with this, hopefully someone with a better idea will respond to your question.
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It is very noticeable, thats the problem.
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Well according to tlh777 (if you check out my profile you'll see him listed under "friends") scars can be removed surgically, but only a urologist can tell you exactly what's going on down there.  I recommend you see one...

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Okay, but I'm kind of young to go see a doctor about it. I would have to tell my parents, which I do not want to do. Is there any creams or something like that I can put on it to help it fade away?
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Also, I don't think a urologist could help me on this. My penis has no problems functioning. It just has a large red scar on it.
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I don't think you're too young to see a doctor about it, you're mature, etc.  It's the doctor's job to be professional, you should see one.

I didn't know that the scar was on the outside... how did it happen?

I think you'll find that this matters alot less to girls than you would imagine.
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