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Dear Community, My scrotum ist burning and itching since several months now. Im 29 years old. A STI screening at urologist was nega...
Good morning everyone, this might be a bit of TMI but I’ve been having some issues in my everyday sexual life and I feel the need to ask ...
Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of this large community and to be able to share my issue with someone. In short, I recently turned ...
Im a 55 male that is active and in relative good shape for my age. I've been trying to get off my blood pressure meds for the last couple...
I noticed while masturbating that I have a small hard bump under the skin of my penis on the shaft. There is no pain, no color, it is har...
my scrotum is not itchy, but i have some not so pleasant tingling , and a burning sensation , happened imediately afer i had sex . for 3 ...
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