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Ok first off I had bad hygiene when it came to my penis growing up. Up until I was 15, my glans were still connected to my foreskin and s...
For the 12 hours or so, I have been feeling pain my right buttock that was followed by pain in my right testicle, both feel like a specif...
I have found that if I apply DMSO on the head of my penis my **** becomes more enlarged and filled with blood to the point where all the ...
So I’m 24 and I have a condition called cerebral palsy that affects my hand movements. I recently discovered after eight years that I’m s...
It's not secret that the couple past weeks have been quite stressful with all the social distancing shenanigans. But I don't think stress...
few days ago i had pain in my upper belly doctor gave me 2 medicienes after taking them i felt a bit chest fat loss and de hydrated too ...
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