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When I have an erection, the skin around my penile shaft feels uncomfortably tight, although only a little, with a tiny bit of pain. Is t...
nowadays i have nightfall around twice a week and feel little tired. i want to reduce it as it become mess handling and cleaning it.and i...
I had two cuts from excessive rubbing: one on the outer corner of my eye, and one on my inner foreskin Coincidentally, the following e...
I had phimosis my whole life up until 18 years old. At that age I had my first surgery (because the phimosis was severe enough to warrent...
I have noticed over the last couple of years my right testicle has constantly gotten smaller and is now about half it's original size. I ...
Hi, Im a 50yo generally healthy male but have been having an issue with perineum pain for about 3 months. The pain seems to get worse dur...
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