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Hello, I have been using Viagra for a few years with great results. But sometimes I need a faster reaction time. I have tried it rectally...
I've had man boobs for years now. I'm not overweight at all. I'm a little over 6 ft and about 180 lbs. I looked it up and it's supposed t...
I got a massage and she touched my penis and put oil on it but I stopped her after a couple seconds. Thought I had an std but I went to ...
I have only one testicle (Right) left was undescended. I had right testicle pain that increased gradually over a week. June 16 I woke ...
I'm 29, healthy, no health problems, active, been allergic to pollen all my life. Over the past 7 or so weeks I'm on my usual summer regi...
Hi, I bought testosterone undecanoate powder and would like to take it orally (for fitness, I live in Switzerland where testosterone ...
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