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Discharge- not STD and not UTI

Im a 29 y/o male. I started experiencing clearpenile discharge (milky in the morning)- only symptom. 3 days later a tele doctor proscribed me azithromycin. Symptoms continued after 3 days and I went for an in person visit and got treated for chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhea. I took a shot of ceftriaxzone and a does of azithromycin and metronidizole. My test for chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhea came back negative and 3 days later my symptoms persisted. I went back and was tested for the same again, as well as a urine culture- tested negative and no growth. I was given Doxycycline and taking for 3 days. Still having symptoms. No pain, no sores, mild irritation. What could this be??
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Clear discharge isn't alarming. If it had a color to it, it would indicate an infection. Like Paxiled, I'm alarmed that they keep prescribing antibiotics when there is no indication of an infection.

Have they actually examined you, or just run tests? Have they cultured the discharge, or just done urine testing?
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Have no idea, could even be you're having wet dreams, but I do wonder why doctors could possibly have prescribed you so many antibiotics, powerful immune system weakening ones, without testing you first, and then still giving you more after negative test.  That's some really weird medicine they're practicing.  
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