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Do I have a prostate issue and a STD issue at the same time?

I have so many years large testes. last year or so it seems to have gotten bigger to the size of maybe a small grapefruit for both of them combined. regardless the second symptom I have gotten was that my penis would actually shrink and literally disappear into the sack when not aroused(I'm around 7 to 8 in arrives, so I don't think it's a size issue this only started happening about a year ago). Much like on a very cold day. Then Last week I noticed there has been a feeling of like a burn ring around the shaft. much like if you were to masturbate, and wrap your finger and some on one spot, that's the part that feels uncomfortable. I'm wondering if that is a results of the folds of the penis backing into the sack, And I'm wondering if that is because the folds are rubbing on my shorts. The other thing I noticed twice is that there is a dimple underneath the skin about an inch from the base of the shaft. No pain, it's more like a BB size. do I have possibly a prostate issue and or an STD?  Never had an STD in my life, and currently I experience no pain whatsoever other than the fact of the ring around the base. There is no discoloration just a feeling of sing uncomfortable. Again, I'm wondering if it's just the folds exposed to the shorts rubbing on it as the head of the penis really doesn't come out anymore. Unless I'm aroused. I'm sure this all sounds confusing so please ask questions. I basically have two issues and I'm curious if they're both related to each other or separate issue.
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This doesn't sound like an std to me.  Are you able to see a doctor or do you see a doctor on say an annual basis? Have the size of your testicles that have increased been discussed?  Testicles grow in size for really three reasons that include taking steroids, having too much testosterone or possibly a tumor.  This needs to be investigated in order to rule the third one out. If the retraction of your penis happened say when you were working out, that wouldn't be that uncommon and indicates your circulation and blood flow is being sent elsewhere in your body. But if this is all the time, speak to your doctor.  So, back to, getting everything checked out.  Is that possible for you?
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Hi thank for the fast reply. No steroids, sadly due to lack of insurance from new company,have not had a visit is a few years(4?).  Size is increasing. Loose fitting pants no longer hides the package(as the wife says lol), for me though, is concerning.

Does that sound logical that the penis retracting leaving only the folds to rub on the shorts(not boxers) would make that "burn like sensation"? In the center of the shaft?

Would the BB bump on the shaft be related to the folds getting irritated. That guy is what got me nervous.

Not circumsized. A small pooch, not a beer gut(which I am thinking is playing a role on the disappearing act. Gut pulling, penis retracting)

But yes will have to find a way to the doc. Thanks again for your input
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