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Erectile dysfunction due to masturbation.

I am 25 years old male. About 5 years ago when i was masturbating, the moment i ejaculated i felt something broke in the left side of my penis tip and suddenly i started feeling burning sensations through out my body and my penis became numb. After that i was completely unable to get erection (also in sleep). But after 3 to 4 weeks i started noticing that in sleep i was get semi erections. So i tried to get erection myself and my penis erected 50% to 60%. After that i would have pain in left side of penis tip and simultaneously pain in the left foot. Its been 5 years since and in these five years i have had the same issue many times with ejaculation but then i would wait 3 to 4 weeks and would get erection again. About two months ago i masturbated, the same issue occurred again as i ejaculated i started feeling burning sensations throughout my body and after that i was unable to get erection. After a month, again i started getting little bit erection but this time the pain in my left foot and left side of penis tip has still not gone and is unlike i have had before and also sometimes i feel vibration in my left foot and left side of penis tip. If i stay in erection for a little bit longer again i will be unable to get erection for a few days. After the last incident i have masturbated only once and it was alright but still i am dealing with ED and pain in both places. What could be the reason and is there a permanent treatment?
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You could have some scar tissue built up, or a nerve injury, but really, you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.

No one can diagnose you online, and you might need some imaging done to determine what happened. It won't get better just hoping it will, so don't wait. If it's scar tissue, it will only get worse.
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Can scar tissue be treated?
It might be, by a doctor.
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