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Ingrown Hair problem is it infected?

Ok so i had this ingrown hair on my penile shaft, i get them often due to shaving ... thing is i thought one was ready to pop and get the hair out but it wasnt and i ended up making it worse. In the course of popping it i sort of made another hair follicle bad and its went a weird colour. Its almost like itchy/tickly  other than that it doesnt hurt really unless i touch it ill post a picture: https://ibb.co/w077RLj

are they infected? i have been using acne cream on them to try and help i hope that was a good idea. Looks like its scaring i think
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They say to leave an infected ingrown hair alone. Don't pick it, pop it or mess with it.  Our hands have bacteria on them and it can make things worse.  Here is an article on ingrown pubic hairs that might be infected. https://www.healthline.com/health/infected-ingrown-hair#treatment.  Is yours warm to the touch, red, swollen and itching?  Could be infected from your description. You can use a warm wash cloth to wash the area where it is, apply tree tea oil or hydrocortisone.  If that doesn't do the trick, you need to see your doctor.  In general, try not to shave the area for a while, put a warm compress on the area of wash cloth.  

Skin there can look funky for a bit and go back to normal. But try not to touch it a lot.  
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thanks for the reply, it seems both hairs/pimples have almost fully healed i used some antibiotic ctream  

Oh good.  Glad it is getting better.  It usually does when it is involving hair follicles.  
unfort its something i get daily >.> due to shaving but i just cant stop shaving lol
You could wax.  OUCH!  
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