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Is there anything I can do about an unattractive scar on penis?

Hi all, I don't have any memory of how it happened (some early childhood incident probably?), but I have this minor scar at the very tip of my penis that protrudes slightly outwards to a point, almost like a small nipple. Normally it's not very noticeable, but when erect it's more pronounced and looks kind of strange. I never thought it was *that* big of a deal until I became sexually active and had an embarrassing experience because of it, so I've been searching around for what I can do about it and can't seem to find anything that deals with this kind of problem....

I assume it would fall under cosmetic surgery, but all I'm able to find is surgeons who deal with enlargement. Should I try contacting one of them anyway? Maybe a urologist? It's literally just a couple millimetres of skin so I wouldn't think it would be a very complicated/expensive procedure or anything, I just have no idea what to do or who to talk to and am honestly too embarrassed to just start asking around. Thanks in advance
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Start with a derm and expect to be referred to a plastic surgeon. Some skin work can be done with little scarring, and maybe this might be one of them. But you would need a really good plastic surgeon (as everyone is saying, in order to get a result that is smaller than the present scar). A good dermatologist would know whom to recommend.

If you had not had an embarrassing experience, I'd say (as does auntiejessie) that there really is no reason to be abashed at all. It seems like it is not important in the slightest unless you plan to become a penis model in an erotic magazine and need the surgery for your career. But now that you've had the embarrassing experience, I would bet you won't be able to let go of some self-consciousness. I wish you had just told the idiot who said something rude that it's a bullet scar from a firefight in the Middle East back when you were a mercenary. That would have shut them up (and maybe even have enhanced your sex appeal as an international man of mystery). I can remember a scene in an old Clint Eastwood movie (might have been Thunderbolt and Lightfoot) made back when Clint was still a hottie, and he and a lady were in bed and he had all these bullet scars on his chest. Did it make him look worse? No it certainly did not.

Anyway, good luck, whichever way you choose to deal with it. I also would note that having a good line about it being a bullet scar due to your masterful past, is a lot cheaper than elective surgery.  :-)

Take care.
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A surgery can solve a problem like that but it's risky because it may causes any side effects so be careful.
Have a nice day thanks
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A dermatologist might be able to help, and I would start there before trying any at home creams on your genitals.

I would say that if you have a scar now, they may hesitate to do more procedures that cause more scarring, and make it worse, but talk to a dermatologist about it. I'm sorry you had an embarrassing situation with it, because it's nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of men have scars and marks on their penises from zipper injuries, etc.

Let us know what happens.  
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