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Itchy white skin in pubic area

I have dry/flaky/itchy white skin that forms at the base of my pubic hairs but also on my right inner thigh right next to the pubic hair area.  It itches very often especially when I get hot or sweaty down there. No matter how softly I itch it almost always bleeds.  The white flaky skin seems to come right off when I rub it but then comes right back not too long later. I try washing and scrubbing the area in the shower and that keeps it from itching for a few hours but it ends up itching again after a few hours.  The best way I have discovered to help reduce the itching is avoid wearing thick pants around the house and wear shorts instead.  I also pull down my pants and underwear to let the area cool off which also helps.   Anyone with information as to what this might be please let me know.
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This may be fungal infection. You may need to take oral antifungal medicine. For the itch you may take an antihistamine and that will help. http://www.medhelp.org/apps/my_questions/show?personal_page_id=2139414&type=MyQuestions&user_id=1667242
Thank you for the response I will either personally look into anti fungal medicine or ask my doctor which one would work best.
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