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My penis is real sticky and moist and it hurts everytime it moves.

Okay so my penis started itching 2-3 days ago and it got so bad that I had to take a look.
When I did, I saw a green-ish/gray spot just at the end of the shaft where the testicles "meet".
It looks tacky and there's this gigantic red spot surrounding it.
I also have something that looks like tiny little red lumps/bumps on my foreskin ring just below the glans (I'm circumcised) and everything hurts when it sticks and un-sticks so I can't walk or sit properly.
My penis "dries" up in a couple of minutes when I expose it to air but things still hurt when it moves. It becomes flaky and still somehow "sticks" to other parts of my skin/body. The said green-ish/gray things disappear though, but I'm left with a gray-ish red path from the said spot through my shaft to the thing below my glans. This also isn't an STD. I also don't have multiple partners and the last time I had (unprotected) sex with my girl was about a month ago (who also doesn't have multiple partners, nor had any before me.).
Please help.
I can't do anything— let alone dance with this thing. TIA.
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What's the update?

Please tell your mom to stop treating you at home and I agree that a regular doc at an urgent care is just fine. I don't think you need a specialist at this point.
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Why are you going to a urologist? This sounds like a skin issue to me.  Like a rash.  I'd think that a basic urgent care doctor could help you.
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Sounds like it might be a fungal infection, or some kind of bacterial skin infection. You can get either without ever having sex, so it doesn't have to be the result of an STD.

Exactly what fungus or bacteria would be up to your doctor to determine. There are many that could cause something like this. You do need to see a doctor, though. Don't wait and let it get worse.

If they think it's an STD, make them test it. (And even if you say you have little to no risk, they may say it anyway. Some docs like to say that anything genitally is an STD.) If they say it's herpes, make them do a type-specific culture or PCR swab (the PCR swab is better, but not every place offers that). Don't let them visually diagnose an STD. That's wrong just about as often as it is right, and given your low risk level, I'd go with it being wrong.

So find a doctor or walk in clinic, and get checked today. Let us know what they say.

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Thanks for the response and information. I don't know how I'd break it to someone but I'll do my best.
I'll also try and update this. Thank you so much.
Before you "break it to someone" (unless you mean the doctor), see the doctor and get tested. A fungus or an infection is not bad news of the type that needs to be "broken" to someone, it is just one of those things that happens. But before you go talking about it to anyone else, talk about it with a doctor and find out what it is. Good luck!
So my parents found out and my mom gave me this thing called "Promag 300". She told me how to put it and stuff. My dad said that it should get checked so I'll see if this works, I guess.
It looks disgusting and has a lot of those little blisters/sores in the middle again. But as they're exposed to air more and more— they just liquify and there's just a green-ish mess ontop of my testicles.
Also getting chills.
It's nice that you were able to talk to your mom about it, but home treatments don't really answer the problem if the medication she gave you is the wrong thing. See the doctor for sure. Don't "see if it works" in preference to seeing a doc.
I looked up Promag, it's a magnesium supplement. It won't do the trick against a fungal infection, for example. There are a lot of skin fungal infections that can themselves get so many raw spots that those get infected with bacteria. You should see at least a MD who does regular family medicine, or even a dermatologist. And don't wait, it will just be more inflamed or irritated if you delay.

@AnnieBrooke okay. Thank you so much. I'll see if I can go to a doctor tomorrow. I'll update this. Hoping for the best. Thanks :)
Good luck, kiddo. Don't worry.
Little update: trying to find a urologist that's available on Saturday was impossible (we went to about 5 hospitals). We are gonna go back to one though, they have one on Monday morning and I was kind of disappointed but I guess I have to wait.
I successfully made my mother stop giving me the Promag stuff since it hurts way more than it "helps" but she gave me this thing: Mupirocin.
I did some research and they said it's good for both bacterias and fungi but I shouldn't use it without a doctor's prescription but she made me do it.
It stings SO BAD but it's weird 'cause I put some on the shaft last night and now some of the things there are now gone. It feels better but it still stings. I can walk more now but I don't know if that's just because I really wanted this to be fixed or I'm just getting used to it.
Either way, I'm gonna do it. But I'm just gonna do it once a day and tell the doctor just in case.
Thanks :)
Be sure to tell the doctor that you used it, so he knows the full story of what was going on when he diagnoses your problem. I also think along with GuitarRox that you could go to a general practitioner or a dermatologist, a urologist probably wasn't needed. It's not like the problem is in your urethra. Anyway, keep us posted about what the doctor said.
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