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Penis Dark Spot

Hello guys!
I'm a 18 years old man. I masturbate a lot i gotta be honest and sometimes my penis get red stuff on the glande but after some time cleaning and not masturbating it gets ok. Recently appeared a dark spot on my penis skin ( not in head ), i mean on the penis body ( foreskin ). I went to urologist and they said its nothing bad but i still worried about it. I just dont want have cancer.. What can it more be? Does someone also have this problem?

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You went to the doctor which is good.  That's taking care of yourself.  But you have to trust your doctor. They wouldn't tell you it was nothing to worry about if it wasn't.  Penile melanosis is a possibility which is harmless!  Usually doesn't require any treatment. Here's info on it https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327189  If you were a bit rough on your penis during masturbation, this can cause it. It should get better on its own.
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Your urologist has answered your question, so I assume this question is based on some anxiety you have that you've injured yourself masturbating, which is quite possible.  If you irritate that area, it's quite sensitive, and when it's irritated it does get red.  As for the dark spots, again, the urologist has answered that question, and a penis does have different colored areas on it.
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