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What could have caused these penile lesions?

Hi there,

In the last 3 weeks I have had minor symptoms of Balanitis and Posthitis. This involved reddening of the entire inside of the foreskin and red patches on the head of the penis. There was also some itching around the foreskin. At the same time I noticed 2 very small ( less than 1mm) lesions that appeared in separate places underneath the head of the penis (the sulcus). These lesions are painless and are pointed (like a small mountain). They are light skin coloured and have a slight red border. They don't appear to contain any fluid. In the last 3 weeks, the posthitis, balanitis and itching has gone, but there is still one tiny lesion left, which hasn't changed since I noticed it. I have had no other symptoms.
Prior to getting the posthitis/balanitis I was doing a lot of sport and staying in sweaty clothing. My girlfriend has genital HSV 1 (we have protected sex and she has never had an outbreak whilst I have been with her).

Do my symptoms sound like herpes? Could you suggest other potential causes?

Thanks for Your help!
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Does not really sound like herpes but a doctor could look at the lesion and make a better judgement.  Is that possible?   Normally a herpes lesion will blister. There are other std's that can cause a red lesion.  I would just go in and get checked. It could be just a rash/bump from the exercise or an ordinary skin thing too. But I'd get it checked.
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It sounds like candida balanitis. It may return due to many reasons. Herpes blisters/lesions are usually painful, itchy and filled with fluid, so I don't think you're infected with this.
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