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red scrotum and itchy please help

So about 3-4 days ago all of sudden my scrotum was very itchy and red. its not really on the penis but bottom on the penis is slightly red but the main reddness and itchy is from the scrotum it is driving me insane and with the lockdown in effect i cant see my doctor! i have sorta self diagnosis my self and started using daktacort cream for the past 2 days but im not seeing any improvements which makes me believe its not jock itch... i have uploaded a picture (theres no penis in the picture) https://ibb.co/LN8xYBn i am 24 years old male
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There are all kinds of fungal infections other than jock itch, and 2 days may not be enough time to see improvement.

With your lock down, is there no way for you to get essential medical care? In most countries that we've heard of, you can still get that. Even an urgent care/walk in clinic should be able to help you. You just might need a prescription strength cream.
yeah there is no walk in clinic near me they are all closed. I have sent away for a STI kit to be home delivered (most likely not an sti as far as im aware there is none that causes this?) but ill also be using the cream for another 4-5 days if no improvements ill have to email my doctors and see what can be done
No, there is no STI that causes this.

Can any of your doctors do a video call? There has to be something you can do to get medical care where you live. I mean, I wouldn't go to the hospital, since it's not a medical emergency, but if you had a really bad sore throat, where would you go?

Go ahead and email your doctor now. It's not an STI, and by the time you get a response, you should know if you're going to see a response to the cream.
nope no video call either, and yeah no point going to a hospital since as you said its not an emergency. Ill give them an email and see what they say, most likely the cream will work before i even get seen or a work back. The doctors here are very slow.
Okay, good luck. If you don't see any relief from the cream you are using, and can't get into the doctor, try a different cream, like one with clotrimazole in it. It's a different antifungal that may work better.
no luck with doctors but the itch is gone completely, still red not as much though so i think this cream is working
Glad the itching is going away.  That's a good start.  You sound on the road to recovery.
started using Canesten but the reddness and ichness is coming back so i started using daktacort again
I'm sorry. I hope the daktacort works.
yeah the reddness has slightly went up the shaft now, just yesterday the left side was almost completely gone no reddness but its back now with a rage lol hopefully daktacort can put it back in its place

seems to be more progress on this one, just noticed this morning while cleaning under the foreskin theres a Dark red/purple colour mark its not raised/ichty or hurt but kinda freaking me out
So the medicine was working but now you feel it is worse.  I do think giving something a chance to heal has it's benefits.  Health anxiety would include constantly over checking your body, worrying that something is dangerous and catastrophic thinking.  We really can get caught up in health anxiety.  

When you said no luck with doctors, you mean you didn't go to one?  I'd consider how you can make that happen as then you can get an official diagnosis and ideas of the best way to treat this as well as reassurance that it is going to be okay.  It is, by the way.  :>)  Hang in there  

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yeah the reddness has slightly went up the shaft now, just yesterday the left side was almost completely gone no reddness but its back now with a rage lol hopefully daktacort can put it back in its place
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