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My words change when speaking

I will be speaking a sentence when my ears get blocked and something completely different to what I wanted to say comes out. I’ll say, “are you finished with that ?” And it will come out as “I’d say you’re getting fat”. Something is wrong with me and no one can figure it out. I’ve insulted all my friends, even my dentist and I have no control over it. Everything that I say is to embarrass me. I yell out inappropriate things. I feel like something has been done to me. I’m losing everyone’s respect.
Can anyone help me?
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Have you seen a doctor or psychologist?  There are conditions that can cause this, though I have no idea if you have any of them.  You need to see someone with the expertise to diagnose if you do or don't have one of them and then you can come up with a plan to deal with it.  Right now you're flying blind with this, and that isn't working.
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Hope you come back to talk about this. Is it still going on?
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