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Hello its me again, this time is different, i feel like my depression is getting worse for example when i have too much on my mind i cant sleep if i go to sleep at 9 10 or 11 i would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning its killing me slowly, and when i take a nap i would have dreams that wake me up like people screaming in the back of my head or some dream events just make a very loud noise in the back of my head before i just wake up overall a must up dream ,and also i have weird fantasy about harming people like slamming their head against a table repeatedly or even worse, whats weird is that i get that quick emotion of hype through my body.  i told my friend about it and they said i have too much anger inside me, i kinda believe them because when i get angry i dont vent i just hold it in for many years, i think i am mentally screwed up.
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