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I was using roxy cottons for a while then quit b/c I started going to the methadone clinic...I am on 70 mgs. I have been going and on methadone for 3 yrs come jan.19,2013 I am soooooo ready to taper off!!! CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME THE EASIEST WAY TO GET OFF OF METHADONE?!?
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go down 5-7mg per week.
once you hit 10-15mg go down 2.5-5mg per week
good luch
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I know this is an ancient post but can't the clinic tell you how to taper down, and aren't they the one's who are responsible to do that? Three years is a long time to be on methadone when the goal is to get off of say heroin or something isn't it? I guess I don't get the actual purpose and goal of clinics?
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