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mystery headaches and heart palpitations

I'm a 36 year old female.

Sometime in November I developed a cold sore in the corner of my mouth and a painful swollen gland under my chin (this might be relevant later). Around this time I was also experiencing heart palpitations, but kept putting off a doctor's appointment. On Thanksgiving day, I ended up going to the hospital because my heart was beating hard and fast and I just did not feel right. They kept me overnight and did various blood tests, EKGs, and an Echocardiogram. They couldn't find anything wrong (said it was possibly dehydration). The heart palpitations died down a little.

About two weeks later (early December-ish), I started to feel like I was getting an ear infection in my right ear and what felt sinus pressure. I saw my primary doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. I had also seen a cardiologist during this time and since they couldn't find anything wrong in the hospital, he concluded that I was having PVCs and that they were benign.

A few days after all that I developed a headache. By Christmas time I was absolutely miserable (bad headache, ear ache, extremely tired).  I was convinced I was having a serious brain issue and went to another doctor (I cried in the office because the headaches were worrying me so much). She decided it might be TMJ symptoms from clenching my teeth--even though I wasn't having the classic popping or locking jaw. She gave me naproxen, flexeril, and a small dose of xanax. Those seemed to help a little but the headaches never fully went away. Over the next few weeks I always had a mild headache and some slight dizzyness. The PVCs were bothering me again. I just didn't feel like my normal self.

Finally my doctor referred me to a neurologist about 3 weeks ago. She said from the pains I was describing (shooting pain around my right eye and into my head, as well as pressure on the sides of my head), that it sounded like trigeminal neuralgia (which is caused by a virus, such as a cold sore). I had an MRI and an MRA, which came back clear, thank god, but that also discredits the trigeminal neuralgia (apparently something would have shown up on the MRA from that).  I went for a follow up and told her that I am still feeling really tired. Some days I feel like a ton of bricks when it's time to get out of bed. The headaches are getting better but haven't fully gone away yet, and I'm still getting heart palpitations every day. She decided to set me up with a holter monitor, which I'll get later this week.  Yesterday I also noticed a tender gland on the right side of my neck near my jaw.

I am at my wit's end. I used to be perfectly healthy before all this started and now I just feel so weak and tired, with mild headaches (some days) and PVCs (almost every day). Not like myself at all. Any ideas?
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Hi mls417,

I had heart palpitations since childhood, "chest pains" I called them.  I went to specialists and was put on EKG so many times for "stress tests".  The doctors never did find anything and I lived with it for over 35 years.  Then one day while using a solution to clear my blood of heavy metals the chest pains disappeared.  I believe the cause and effect are definitely related.  Get tested for heavy metals blood toxicity, it's inexpensive and based on solid science.


ps: send me a message for a free copy of my book
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