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severe migraine

I get severe migraines behind my eyes that cause pressure and dizziness. They are different from my normal migrains and seem localized just behind my eyes. They get so bad that I cant move. Is there anything I can do to help them??
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Well, you probably know the usual. Dark quiet place. Cool rag on forehead. I don't know if you know this or not, you probably do, but a lot of migraines can be prevented in some people from their diet. There are certain spices, herbs, and foods/drinks that trigger migraines. This severe one you get could be something else, or just your regular migraines way more powerful.

It might be time to see a doctor again, just in case.
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I actually assumed pain killers was the only way to keep them away but I dont like taking pills so I suffer through my migraines. Do you know which things help?
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What I do know about migraines is usually for most people, the sooner you take something (excedrin migraine or excedrine tension headache) the less you will go through. My wife keeps her bottle with her so that as soon as she feels it coming on she can stay on top of it. Also, the sooner you can lay down in a dark quiet place with a cool rag on your forehead and rest, the better. There are medications for migraines, but the results are shaky. You have medications like "depekote" which are supposed to help.

If the regular don't help enough, you can see the doctor and find out how bad you have them, if the issue you are posting on is part of your migraines, and see what your options are to help you out.

Stay strong.
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How are you? Do you still experience the headache? Migraine headaches, as mentioned above may respond well to rest, ice pack, and avoidance of triggers. It is important that you know the triggers to avoid future attacks. There is a headache tracker here in the forum that may help. If the pain does not respond to over-the-counter pain medications, you may need to have stronger prescription medications from your doctor.  Check with your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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