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I will quit posting after this.  But for everyone who is suffering from migraines...unusual sharp shooting pains in the head...dizziness....save yourself alot of trouble and go to a chiropractor.  There are times when vascular problems or cancer can be a true concern and you may need cat scans and lab tests.  But I know chiropractic works because I am a chiropractor.  I only had 4 days of constant sharp pain to the side of my head and it went on that long because it started when I was out of town.  I found a chiropractor...had one adjustment...and have been thankfully pain free all day.  When you have nerve irritation going on its like stopping a train trying to find a medication to cover that up. You have to get the spine adjusted and stop the irritation.  Thats your bodies way of telling you, Hey...something is wrong here.  Good luck to everyone.
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I have actually been trying chiropractic.  It is not helping, it's very expensive and even my chiropractor who has "been able to help all cases like mine" is giving up......I tried.  It didn't work.
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While chiropractic care has its place for some,  if it were true for all migraine sufferers you would need a steel door and a huge lock and chain because you would not be able to keep up.  I wish it were that simple.
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If I may add a note here, A chiropractic physician can help make that diagnosis. Spinal manipulative therapy has many forms and is only applied when there are no red flags to treatment.

There are many forms of headache, and some can be relieved by SMT alone, others require a multi-pronged approach to care, to include dietary changes, supplements, and medications to control symptoms.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that "chiropractor" = "neck cracking" and nothing else. Many chiropractors use a simple analogy to describe what is going on when treatment is performed... "bone out of place pressing on a nerve" is too basic of a description.

The idea that all migraines are the same, and one simple treatment can alleviate pain is a fallacy.
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Chiropractic care has been helpful to many BUT a lot of people who come to this site have never been diagnosed and are looking for information because their cases are out of the ordinary.  

Everyone, Please be very careful before getting a chiropractic adjustment before a firm diagnosis is made.  Smith2007, if you're a chiropractor are you Dr. Smith?

Could you please explain how a chiropractic adjustment can relieve the pain of a severe common migraine.  I promise that I am keeping an open mind and am interested in your answer.
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