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Beth's Drs Appt

Just letting those that are praying for Beth know.  She had her drs appt this morning, and the test was positive for precancerous tissue, she will be going to an OBGYN in Birmingham next Thursday.

The dr was concerned because she said she had never had anyone to have this come back after having the lazer surgery.  So please keep praying, my friends.  And please add a prayer that I don't have a nervous breakdown before this is finished!!!

I want to thank all of you again for being here for Beth and I, it means so much to me.

Love & Hugs
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Thanks sweetheart, I know you've been busy and I feel your love and know you are here for me & Beth.  I'm trying to be positive about this...just have moments of weakness and that leads to my heart feeling like it's going to explode from fear.  I'm gonna make it though, I have to for Beth.

Earth Mother & Friend,
You are thinking much like me.  As this has come back so soon after the surgery to remove it last time, I do not want her to take any chances. I'll be with her Thurs, with this new dr and I'm making a list of questions to ask her.  Beth is kinda in shock and really down so mama's gone deal with the dr!!  If you have any suggestions about what I should ask, please let me know.  I trust and cherish your opinions as I always know they come from the heart.  Thank you for being here for me and Beth.

Love & Hugs
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I would guess that the doctor's have already told you, that if the cells are confined to the cervix, that a hysterectomy is usually the first line of defense.  At her age, I would bet they would leave her ovaries intact.  Because of her age, (I was 27) they may want to do a round of chemo.  MAYBE!  (They didn't do any chemo on me)

You two have kept on top of things over the past year, so I really believe that any precancerous cells are probably confined to the cervix, as mine were.  This would be the best news for Beth.  Some doctor's will take the wait and see approach.  When I heard the doctors says "pre-cancerous,"  I begged them not to waste time and do a hysterectomy.  

I know your daughter does not have any children, so anything this permanent is a big decision.  I had already had two children and always wanted more, but I guess this was not meant to be.  IF your daughter may want children down the line, a retrevial of eggs would be her best bet for having her own children at a later point.  Unfortuntately the drugs they use to induce multiple ovulation, can also trigger the pre-cancerous cells to grow.  It's a balancing act...

My sincere prayers and best wishes are with YOU and Beth.  You and I have talked privately and you know how I can so relate to what Beth is going through.  As her mother, I cannot even imagine the heartache you are going through.  But as a mother, I know what it's like when one of my children has cancer- twice with my son.  It's awful.  You just want to take their burdens upon yourself.  Anything to protect them.

I love you dearheart and send big hugs to you and Beth.  I'll keep praying, you know that.

Huggie Wuggies,
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So sorry to hear about your daughter...I had no idea and have been so busy this week that I haven't been able to spend much time on here.  I also had a precancerous growth on my cervix but they treated it in the office and up until I had a hysterectomy I had no further problems.  I think if she has a good gynecologist that she will be treated appropriately and hopefully have no further problems!  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the both of you...you really don't need the stress of this situation on top of everything else either so please try not to worry too much...I understand it is a parent's job but I really feel that Beth will be fine.  Keep us updated as to how she is doing and what steps they are going to take ok?  And please look out for yourself while this is happening...she needs you but you will be no help unless you look after yourself ok?

Lots of Hugs,

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Thanks all of you...I know we will get through this and Beth will be fine.....How else could it turn out with all my friends praying so hard?

Kristin, thanks, any info would be appreciated.  It just has me scared because I thought after her surgery everything was okay and that it wouldn't come back, especially in just over a year.  

I go from accepting everything will be all right, to crying, to down right panic attacks.  I am keeping the faith, though.

Love & Hugs
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Hi friend,
I am so sorry you and beth have to go through this.  I also had the CIN 3 and had a LEEP conization and have never had the reoccurrence BUT my brothers girlfriend just went through this also and I remember doing research on it and finding that it is not that uncommon.  The treatment seamed to be where a lot of doctors differed in their opinions.

I will see what I can find out for you girls and get back to you.  In the meantime I will be praying extra hard.  Give Beth hugs from me and let her know we have an army of well wishers here praying for her!!

Love and Hugs!
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I just wanted to let you know about 20 years ago i had a precanerious growth on my cervix.I had cryosurgery right in the docs office,and ever since i've been fine. i'm sorry i don't know Beths story.but Beth and yourself will be in my prayers for peace and comfort and healing.
I can tell a good, strong man when i hear them, you will not break down, always remember who is by your side and who will carry you both through. You be there for Beth, and God will be there for you, you are activly doing all he has called you to do!
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Hi, Doni.

I have been watching and waiting for you to post about Beth.

I am so sorry the test came back positive, for precancerous tissue.

You can be sure I will continue to be on my knees every night, praying for Beth, and for you.

Stay strong, my friend, God is listening.

Love & Hugs, & Prayers,
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