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Blood test for Sjogden's being done for major pain in feet.

I have had major pain in my feet since May 2016 and it has just gotten worse.  Started out on the bottom of my feet and is now on the bottom and top if my feet. Walking has become difficult with out limping a lot.

  I also have had issues with dry mouth, eyes, and the glads in the left side of my neck just under my ear. Blood work is not back yet for this test.  They also did something called "ANA" it is not back yet either.  They did CBC with Differential also and some of the result from that test have come back at High Levels.  When I google the results it looks like it has something to do with platelets.  Has anyone heard of this Sjogden testing and what it might be for???  Does this have anything to do with the MS?

Thank you for any suggestions I am just about at my wits end with this.
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Hi there, none of the tests or symptoms you've mentioned are really associated with MS, Sjogden is one of the MS mimics as is Lupus which is commonly associated with ANA. Your complete blood count (CBC) being high can indicate infection, anemia and a host of other disorders, some medications can even affect the results but blood results in general have no connection with MS apart from being commonly run to rule out alternative conditions.

Have you had any diabetes, nerve conductor tests, brain or spinal MRI's done?

Hope that helps.......JJ
Thank you JJ and yes have had it all done.  My doc does not think it is related to my MS.  All test results are back and all negative except for the ANA test it came back "Positive A".  Neurologist says that this can be "False Positive" so he will be have me go through the test again to see if it comes back the same or negative.  He says they will usually do this multiply times just to make sure it is a good accurate result.  So as usual it is a waiting game. Oral steroids helped some what so the doc is thinking of doing the solumedrol infusion again.
He also said that he did not think that I have Lupus.

Diabetes is in my family but I do not have any issues with this (thank goodness) and I check my levels often just because it could be if I am not careful.    My twin brother has already been dx with diabetes and is on insulin shoots.  My Dad and his brother also were Type 2 Diabetics.  

My niece has MS and she has a lot of the same symptoms that I listed and the doc's tell her the same thing.  So we are thinking that it may just be part of the MS coming out in different ways for us.  She has also had all the tests done and they all have come back neg.  

My mother had 3 female relatives that died from MS and as she can remember they had similar symptoms that she was told.  But that was years ago and only second hand info.

Thank you for the info.

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