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Body heat

Has anyone else hear been told that their body radiates heat at night?
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yes, I sure do, but I sometimes think it is menopause, but then I don't sweat like you are supposed to, just get VERY hot, and it only lasts for about 10-15 minutes, then regulates.... is this what you are experiencing??  
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my right leg and abdomen get hot at night or when I lay down.  Almost a burning heat. Last for a while... maybe an hour or two before I forget about it or sleeping pills can knock me out.
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No, i'm the opposite, "ooh your freezing" my hands and feet get really really cold and make people jump when i touch them. I have noticed that sometimes i'll walk on the black marble tiles in my bathroom, which are cold tiles and i'll leave wet foot prints, i dont feel hot or any different but wet foot prints would have to indicate heat.

I think my temperature gage is brocken!

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All day long i am freezing, but when I get into bed at night my body temperature is so hot. My husband complains about it all the time and says how much heat my body throws off. He tells me to move over all the time, (LOL How sad is that)  when I ask him to rub my back , he will use lotion, and I notice that when he puts the lotion directly on my back, it sends me through the roof. I yell at him all the time to warm it up first.
I definately have that problem .
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I'm a frozen one.  I have been requested to stay on my side of the bed.  No application of hands or feet without prior warning.
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My partner tells me I'm boiling hot at night... too hot to cuddle. Unfortunately, I'm a burrower at night, so even though I might be really hot, I still seem to sleep under the blankets curled up in a ball, which makes it worse. I feel awful when I wake up.... dehydrated and headachy.

I also find my feet get scorching hot when I first go to bed at night.

Conversely, I also sometimes feel really cold and can even be shivering from it, even though everyone else seems to feel nice and warm.

My internal thermostat has been "out of whack" for years.
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seems like we all have the same broken temp gage.  anyone know a good mechanic?
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