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DSD or urinary retention

Does anyone here have detrusor sphincter dyssynergia or urinary retention and if so how are you treating it?
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Urine retention..  Self Cath 3x a day...sucks but it keeps me from getting UTIs.
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My urogynecologist says he doesn't want me to st cath because  I'd have to do it 4-6 X's a day and because of the risk of infection.  He said I could take Flomax or Hytrin and these are the only options I have been offered.
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I have what they call Neurogenic bladder.  Probably very close to your description.  Sometimes I have to concentrate to enpty my bladder, but if I can't go, I can self-cath.  If it is done under the hygenic conditions, infections can be avoided.  

This is something you need to discuss with your doctor, so he can see if you need some medication.  There are things out there for people like us that can help.

Good Luck to you and happy peeing, when you can go...LOL
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I have had to Cath more during times when I needed to. The Caths are sterile, and it has worked real well. No UTI in 1/2 year!!!  Yippeee!  I believe It was Dx'd as Neuroginic Bladder like Heather said. My Urologist didn't want to put me on meds just yet since I am doing so well self cathing :)  I used to take peeing for granted!  I sure don't now!  
Happy peeing!  I love that!!!
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hi danni,

i am not familiar with Flomax or Hytrin ?,
but i have had Detrol-LA, vesicare and Oxytrol patch, biofeedback therapy,  then an InterStim Therapy triiial, now  i self cath 4-6 x day.

Cyndi an dHEather are right, you can self cath and keep UTI at bay ,with good hygene, drinking    enough water ( i know a catch 22!) and with supliments.
My uro has giving me multiple refills for antibiotic to refil so i can jump on infection with i get one.

DO those medicines you mention ease retention?
I just know rentetion is a bigger cause for mme of UTI than cathing.
take caree, i know this syptoms is tough, physical and emotional
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p.s. i forgot
i reuse my caths  ( i have 5 inuse at a time , changing them out about every five days or so), i soak/clean them in antiimicrobactirial soap,rince with almost biol water, airdry
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Thankyou everyone for your input
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I have to self-cath every single time I have to urinate,which can be over 8 times a day. My dr. has me on Macrobid as well to ward off infections.  I can't go to the bathroom at all without a cath and I've tried the Interstim trial, but it didn't work for me.  I am hoping medical science will develop another alternative for me.  I hate having to be dependent on a catheter.  It makes me very depressed.
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