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Does anyone know about Leg Parathesis


I went for EMG this morning, Neuro did not give results but he wanted to send me to Chiropractor. The receptionist called me later on and gave a referral to chripractor ad told them to call them and set up appt. for Physical therapy for back pain and leg parathesis? (I don't know if I am saying that right) Does anyone know anything about this? I'm a little confused.

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Paresthesia is the weird feelings we sometimes get - twitching, numbness, tingling, creepy crawling, etc - that has no noticeable physical cause.  This is the pins and needles you get when a limb "falls asleep."

It is intersting to me that your neuro would recommend a chiropractor  - is he thinking your problem is structural with your back and not in the central nervous system?

I could see the back being helped by chiropracty but I'm not so sure about the paresthesia unless this chiro also does massage.  

That would confuse me too....


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Hi LuLu,

I don't know, My neuro said he wanted to do a spinal MRI but he said my insurance Co. would probably give him a hard time about it........I am wondering if he refers me to here if they will requet it??? He did not give me my results of EMG unless the leg paresthesia is the result.. but isn't that from nerve damage? I don't know where this is going but I have an appointment for Saturday morning..It just seems like he is getting further away from my Brain MRI which was concerning..I am so unfamiliar on how things work and I don't even know what he is looking for? I am trying to just stay open minded.. Thank You for your help.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention..He did the EMG because I called and told him I wanted him to test me further as my symptoms were not from my migraines. I had been experiencing that numbness with tingling since August..(not coinciding with migraines) Since then my left leg has stiffened up and I have had a spasm or at least I think it was...One heck of a cramp ..I have been having trouble climbing the stairs and I can't really lean on my left side. (I didn't know the name of it though) Thanks for the lesson...

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There is a good health page on paresthesias at http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Multiple%20Sclerosis/Paresthesias---Things-That-Go-BUZZ-in-the-Night/show/378?cid=36.

I have no idea how PT could help with paresthesias. If they are sufficiently bothersome, there are drugs that often help. Some things like meditation or relaxation might possibly help also.

You probably had a nerve conduction test with your EMG and that could show a problem with the peripheral nerves that could explain your paresthesias, but it's hard to say without getting the results. I think you need to get those. Paresthesias can also be caused by central nervous system problems like MS.

It's too bad your neuro won't at least try to get the spinal MRI if it might be helpful.

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Thanks a bunch,

I know he wants to get one..was concerned with insurance. i think he'll find a way...

I'll check the link out.
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>  Since then my left leg has stiffened up and I have had a spasm or at least I think it was...One heck of a cramp ..I have been having trouble climbing the stairs and I can't really lean on my left side. (I didn't know the name of it though) Thanks for the lesson...

That actually sounds more like spasticity than leg paresthesia.  They tend to lump numbness in with the other sensations, even though it's just a lack of sensation.

Spasticity is when your muscles are oddly stiff, and cramp up when you try to use them.  

Right now I'm having spasticity in the muscles of my inner thigh, and right along the top of my hip, so they're constantly sore, and make certain tasks difficult, like driving.  It's surprising how important those muscles are!  I also get a random cramping of my left bottom, and an odd tightness in my right cheek (face!)

Spasms are like spasticity, but much more severe - instead of just being incredibly sore and tight, the muscle will actually contract and pull up.  My right toe did this last month - it tried to touch the top of my foot, and wouldn't relax.

I had the neuro tell me that the incredible tightness, soreness, and cramping I was experiencing in my right forearm was not spasticity.  But he thought the spasm of my big toe was spasticity.  So obviously there's a bit of misinformation going on.  
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There are so many things i am feeling I can't tell what is what or if one started with the other ...It comes and goes the tingling and numbness but after I had the cramp under my foot it is like I can't really flatten my foot, my left calf and thigh get really tight and my whole leg just feels stiff..by the end of the day I am ready for bed.

we'll see what my neuo has up his sleeve

Thanks a bunch
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Yup, yup, that sounds like spasticity to me.

Quix recommends stretching out the muscles - I don't remember how long, but LONG... like five or ten minutes in an extended stretch.  I know it helped me get some mobility back, but I have to stretch every thirty minutes.
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Thank You,

I will start to do that....I am sure it will take some time..gotta start somewhere

;o) I appreciate the advice and tips
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