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Going nuts - pupils unequal

I have been to three neurologists and opthamologists who tell me this is normal, despite me having a lot of floaters, trimester where my vision is off and blind spots, and one pupil bigger than the other. Any thoughts?
“Small 4mm focus of increased FLAIR signal identified in the right anterior peri-insular subcortical white matter.  Although nonspecific, this likely represents a small focus of gliosis
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Hi and welcome,

Your brain MRI hasn't provided anything that would generally point towards there being a neurological condition like MS as the potential cause of any of the symptoms you may be experiencing....

To be honest i'd expect if the health of your vision was abnormal you would at least have some abnormal visual test evidence, that doesn't mean your not experiencing  symptoms, just that it's not likely caused by a visual health issue.

I'd also expect your neurological clinical signs are all normal too if you've seen 3 neurologists and they've all been of the opinion that there isn't any thing neurologically abnormal happening. Basically the same thing applies, it doesn't mean your not experiencing symptoms, just that it's not likely caused by a neurological issue.

The only ideas i have would be associated with stress, migraines etc but i'd recommend you ask your GP 'what else could it be and what tests haven't i had to narrow down potential causes?'

Hope that helps........JJ
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