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I may be posting this wrong ... sorry if so ... I'm trying to get the "Ask a Doc" thing.

Hello there, I am a military wife living abroad, and I have been experiencing "crazy" symptoms for about seven/eight years now. In the past year, the newer symptoms have really disturbed me -- the vertigo, the numbness in fingers and feet, and the burning skin. I went to the military doc who sent me to neuro off base in Germany. I had two MRIs done. The brain showed five small white spots. I was told these were migraine spots, but I can't recall ever having one. I also had a spinal done and there was another white spot near my brain stem area ... don't know if that's related to my head shake that has plagued me on and off for months and years at a time over the past eight years. That head shake was diagnosed as an essential tremor in a five-minute meeting with a doc -- no tests or anything. He did suggest I keep a symptom diary just in case (but didn't say what the "just in case was for"). I have that now, and after all these years, it is about four pages long -- some recurring symptoms that last for weeks, months, even years and then disappear. The new doc said I needed to have a spinal puncture done, but am worried about it especially being overseas. I asked if they thought this was MS (a friend has it and thought that might be my problem) and was told they didn't think it was. But I can't get over these symptoms that come and go. I was feeling fine for awhile so I chickened out of the spinal. I still feel pretty good, but I keep getting this buzzing feeling across the right side of my skull for the past week -- this is new and different than the sharp streaks of pain I used to feel flash across the left side of my skull. Am I going crazy or could this be MS or something else? I didn't care for the German doctors, and the military docs are busy with war patients. We will be back in the states in October, wondering if I should see a doc then or what. Thanks for your help!

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Hi armygirl,
I don't believe the ask a doctor forum for MS is being attended to by anyone presently.  So you're stuck with us amateurs!  And actually we have some forum members here who know almost as much about MS as our last expert.  

I see you have started another thread here as well so I am going to go answer you on that one, ok?

my best,
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