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My visit with DJ

Hi everyone,
It was the perfect weather to make the drive to PA this weekend to see DJ (shadowsister).  We found her in very good spirits, and ready to settle in for a quality visit.

Truthfully I am very pleased with how good she is, despite having been at death's door this past winter.  As you can see in this picture, she is very skinny though and needs to get back to some regular meals and gaining a few pounds.

DJ  is scheduled for an MRI this week - the first for her in about 20 years.  It will be done in a machine that you can sit upright in - the head of the MS clinic at Alleghany Hospital has arranged this scan so I trust the technology will be good enough to get a look at her spine.

There is also a local neurologist who is willing to work with her and find symptom relief.  

Her apartment is spacious and has a wonderful window to let in the natural sunlight. Her daughter has helped to personalize the space and make it comfortable and attractive for DJ.

She sends her best to all - one of these days she will get her computer connection improved and be her for herlself.  

Until then, you are stuck with my updates!

best to all, L

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Alex just took the words out of my mouth, but it's worth repeating - you both look beautiful.  

I am so glad you were able to make it over to see DJ.  What a special day you both must have had.  DJ looks like she is feeling better and G-d willing this new neuro will be able to help her with the pain.

I hope DJ will tell us about her experience with the sitting MRI.  I've heard of it before but don't know a single person who has done it yet. Sounds better than lying down.  She'll do great.

Love to you both.

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You both look good!

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This is just another great example of how great our forum members are.

Friends helping & sharing with friends.

Hat's off to you LuLu..

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I'm so glad to see this thread and find that you were able to visit with DJ.  I have been thinking about her since she posted a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully this new type of MRI will be OK for her and helpful for her doctors.  

I hope she can eat lots of good food and put on some weight.

It's great to see the two of you together smiling too


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I also loved seeing the piccie and hearing the more optimistic news about DJ. I am sure that she really appreciated your visit and am glad that you achieved it. I realy hope that the scan works out OK for her.

It is a beautiful day here in England (bank holiday) so sending sunshine rays out to you all.

Love and hugs

Sarah x
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ah, how wonderful to hear that news!!!  since i've read about her here on several posts, i looked back at some of her posts and have truly marvelled at what a kind, spirited humorous and warm person she is!

i'm delighted to hear that she is doing so much better.

xo michelle
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I'm so glad you were able to make it up there, and that DJ was feeling good enough for you guys to have a wonderful visit!  

I hope these new tests mean that she will finally be able to get the kind of help she really needs, and will gradually be able to get back on her feet and have better days.  :-)

Talk to ya soon,
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You two look fabulous!!  I'm so glad you had a good visit, and I look forward to seeing DJ as a regular here again.
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  I think both of you ladies look GREAT!!!!!

  It does a heart good to see the two of you smiling at the camera right here on "our" home computers. Technology is cool if you know how to work it ( I still ask the "kids, lol)

Lu we love and appreciate your updates but are looking forward to as you put it when DJ can can be her for herlself, lol!

Hugs Ladies
Erin :)
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