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Mystery symptoms possible MS??

I was wondering if some symptoms I have been having are possible multiple sclerosis. I am 32 yrs old, female.

2002--hyperhydrosis (underarms,sweating for no reason. But alum. chloride stops it thank god) CNS disorder?

2005--Winter, ER with massive panic attack during college, dropped a class after to focus on health. May or may not be MS related...

2007--Spring, chronic arm pain, right arm, feels like it is in the bone and can be severe enough that I cry. Still comes and goes, often.

2007--Spring, badder problems, cannot get urine out and very uncomfortable and distracting. No STD's, & urologist had no answers, referred me to neuro and said may be early MS. Still comes and goes. Lasts for several  hours nearly daily for one to two weeks (almost always in the morning), then disappears completely for up to 4 to  6 months. PCP calls it neurogenic bladder. Was most severe in the first year or two.

2009--Summer, Vertigo for the first time in my life out of nowhere. Mild, lasted less than a week.

2010--Summer, Bladder discomfort and retention issues back (after nothing since NOV 2009, when I tried steriods) for two days with blood after starting neurontin. No pain. then disappeared.

2010--Summer, Blurry vision for about 2 days.  Vertigo for 3-4 wks, mild. Both possible related to neurontin...?.

Arm pain is most common symptom, as well as fatigue. Chronic constipation. I have had a recent stess in my life which has increased my fatigue, anxiety, and I have been having irritability issues, for no reason. I feel terrible like my mental health is declining. Physically I am very tired often. I have recently cut down my hours at work and I hope that helps. I have difficulty concentrating, focusing, and with handling my demands.

Thought since urologist first suggested MS, maybe that is what it is. I did see a neuro who wanted me to see an optimologist to check for optic neuritis, but I lost my health insurance so I discontinued investigating aggressively. So no MRI of brain either confirm or deny. Did have two MRI's done by urologist of lower spine and no lesions in 2008. Flomax did not help. Bladder issues is most annoying--interrupts work, and is so uncomfortable I cant think of anything else, and I make tons of trips to the bathroom.  Makes me cry.  I have also heard MS is just kind of a waiting game. For my arm pain I have tried message and a chiropractor, had an xray, but it is chronic since 2007--might go away for a few weeks, but not for long.

MS forum is the best place to ask right? People who know the real thing. Could this be MS? do these symptoms sound familiar??
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Welcome to the MS forum. Most of what you describe sounds very much like MS, the bladder symptoms in particular. Neurogenic bladder has to have a cause. Retention of urine can be dangerous, causing serious kidney damage, but fortunately self-cathing can work wonders.

Have you regained health insurance? You really need a total neuro workup.

Best of luck to you.

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Hello, Welcome. I am in what they call limboland without a diagnosis. I have the bladder issue you are talking about. It is very uncomfortable. I tell myself it could be worse it could be incontenence. Also I have to take valium daily for the vertigo. I totally lost hearing in one ear last fall.  Stress does induce symptoms so cutting that down should help. I know this sounds crazy but try changing positions to urinate. It really does help. Like bending straight forward or rising from the seat a little. It relaxes the muscles. I can not drive myself to work only because I am too tired to safey drive myself home. I have been known to pull over and sleep just to make it home. So be careful. Being without insurance makes it difficult at best to get a diagnosis however there are program through the MS society that help with that if you know where to go. Check the internet for MS research clinics in and around your area. That is how I found my neuro Doc.

Good Luck, Missy
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Found an MS MRI program that helps people with no insurance get at least the Brain MRI paid for when approved, but no funding of the reading of the report ( which can be several hundred dollars itself). But I appreciate all help, very generious program doing good deeds.

I have called around about 4 differant places for brain MRI's and all want approx $3,000!
So this  program is excellent. I have an appt with my PCP tomorrow to get paperwork filled out and on its way.

After the MRI, it's off to the Neuro for  a few more hundred...unless there are programs for neurological services for people with MS, but not counting on it. Think I'm on my own. Good thing I have good credit.....

Just thought I'd update. Thank you for the info and hope all is well.
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Would either of you qualify for the new govt-mandated heath insurance plans?  
Pre-existing conditions are OK, but must have been without insurance for at least 6 months.  Maybe check with your state insurance commissioner?
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Hi jesucu,  Are you currently working?  Do you have any form of insurance?  The reason I am asking is to see if you are eligible for medicaid.  Medicaid is a needs based program which just means that your income has to be lower than the current poverty level.  If you are disabled in some way and are waiting for your disability to come through you should automatically be eligible for medicaid.  

You would need to go in to your local Department of Social Services, fill out an application and have a brief interview.  At the very least I would think you would be eligible for Medicaid on a 'spend down' program.  

I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time.  You describe many things that could very well be MS, just remember that it could also be something else.  Present everything to your doctor and tell him your concerns.  

It is very important to see the Opthalmolagist concerning your eyes.  You need to prevent damage to your eyes.

I think you may have to work out a payment plan with some of these docs so you can get treatment now.  Once you get your medicaid it will pay retroactively.  

Good Luck     Red  

(Yes, this is a great place for support and info---plus we do have fun!  We talk about everything here---I can promise you that!!)

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Yes, still working, but I have voluntarily decreased my hours due to ill health, so about 30-32 hr/week for now, but I feel even this is overwhelming. I just need money so bad to pay for medical bills, I am in a real jam. I have no form of insurance--I work for a very small company and the boss doesn't offer insurance, only 2wks sick pay, vacay, and all observed national holiday pay. No retirement, no disability, no health insurance....frustrating.

I currently do not qualify for medical assistance from the state (your income in WA state cannot exceed $906/mo or your kicked off medical (and I am my child's only parent!!), and there is currently a wait list years long for the reduced income medical program for low incomes.

I had an autoimmune bloodwork testing done last week.  I go in tomorrow and find out the results. And  that MS charity program should  pay for my brain MRI.

I have other health issues and severe stress going on right now too that may well be exacerbating my MS (It's on my profile page, regarding a perminant dental injury to a nerve in my lower face), but I will ask my doc tomorrow if she thinks it's best if I take some time off for a while and get myself together, physically and emotionally. I  don't want my son taken away for my not being able to provide for him.

Limited Options:
1)  I can try to find another job that offers health insurance in my current poor mental and physical condition (right now I function on autopilot, but a brand new job! That would be hard on my right now).  

2) stay at my current dead end job. And watch my income and health decline, and my debt rise. Eventually I will exhaust all credit limits.  I have applied for a private policy but am not getting my hopes up.   or...

3) claim disability (definition of disability is 12 months minimum), and get the care that I need and that I have paid into to get me healthy. I can always go back to work at some point in my life when my mental and physical health gets better.

Please let me know if there is an option I am leaving out. My family has no money to help.

Your right I'll get my eyes checked soon, I have had blurry vision for the first time recently...but nothing else. Still notable and important.

I will look into the new High Risk insurance thing....is that what you are referring to MsmsinFL? I am afraid I am at a point of no return! I am so far in medical debt, past, current, and future, that I don't know if I can currently add another regular monthly medical expense--not without my kid going without food  :(

Been so sad and hopeless lately. I have a history of depression that has been in remission, but now it is back full force. I graduated with phi beta kappa & magna *** laude honors with a degree in criminal justice in 2007 and wanted to attend law school. I am currently taking a school break and working in an office and am almost done with my 3 yrs of "professional" experience that is often desired to go with a degree--both professional or undergraduate.

However I  feel my life couldn't be worse right now....   My degree and future might as well be in the garbage and join my poor physical and mental health....

Called a counselor and she won't allow payments. Figures.
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For SURE contact your state insurance dept about getting into a high-risk pool -- do it ASAP, since there are a limited number of policies available.

Also, check into your state's available insurance for kids -- there might at least be coverage available for them.

So sorry you're in such a bad patch right now -- but you have a lot going for you, and there's a good chance for you to have a much brighter future.
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I researched WA state high risk insurance pool --a state and Federal funded program, and costs can be anywhere from $300+ per month up to $1100/ month. Also, there is a 9 month wait time for pre-existing conditions. Doesn't seem right. Disturbingly it appears the program was just designed  for people who have been denied other private policies---not for people who need help urgently & quickly. So nothing would get done fast and with my current  face issue, I need help NOW.
Good news is that my PCP filled out paperwork for MS MRI resources, and I had a long discussion and concluded it is probably best for me to take time off of work (disability) to get my mental and physical health better. She said they would cover my bills too, but not old ones. That's a tough decision to make--How to live off very limited income with very high debt.... I like my job and I make more money now than on disability! How do people live off disability, it is so little! I hope someday I can return to work full time, or school.
I cannot wait to get my MRI done and know for sure.
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