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New member of the family - advice please

Hi Guys and Dolls,

After almost 2 years of on and off looking for a companian puppy, dh unexpectantly asked if we could detour to the pet store in the centre. He heard they had 5 labradore x golden retriever pupps, look all puppies are cute to me lol Anyway, it took me all of 3 minutes before i'm asking the owner to bring out one particular pup, it may sound daft but the little guy just felt like my kind of people, if you know what i mean.

DH mind you isn't coming anywhere near him, just standing there saying i've got no chance here, you've all gone loopy over him. Normally im drawn to the hyperactives, the runts, the goofey's and miss fits pups but this little guy was just calm, placid and gentle. So i'm sitting on the floor of the pet store, of course wearing white pants lol and have him in my arms and he was so in need of a bath. DH said he just took one look at me and knew this was the one for us, he said i was just totally different with this pup than i ever had been before, like we clicked, so he was ment for us. lol

I'm clueless that dh had already worked out he was ours, and i asked him what names he thought fit him, he's all dont ask me, you had to name the kids lol I said if he was ours i'd call him 'HoBo' dh had a black lab as a boy and for some reason i just felt that was the right name for this little guy. DH turned around to the owner and said ok get the paper work ready he's coming home with us and now we have a new family member.

Oh and the staying out of it dad, hasn't left the little follow alone, already started teaching him to fetch, playing with a tennis ball and he's taking photos. 'HoBo' loves his tennis ball and even brings it back already. I think he's quite smart for 6 weeks (4.5kilo) he started sitting after about 1/2 a doz goes. Ok he's wee'd every where but the toilet training pad but he's pooped there after only a little mistake, so thats pretty good for his first day, I think he's going to be trainable. Unlike a friends lab x retriever who failed his third attempt at basic obedience training, when they went to book him in for his 4th go at it the trainer said "give up already, i can't take your money anymore". lol

It might be too early to say but HoBo is a really calm little guy, stoically follows us around, he's not hyper at all, he's got his zen going lol He even likes to sit or lays down next to anyone who's not moving but as soon as you roll the tennis ball he's ready to play, you stop and he goes back to chilling. lol I really think he's a people pup, and he's going to be great for all of us but me especially.

So there you go, any and all training tips would be greatly appreciated for our four legged ball of fluff!


Oh and our dear old cat has only been looked at, he hasn't even tried to say hello with a annoying doggie sniff, so she's not fussed by the new guy being on her turf either, she's way too old to be stressed out so we are all relieved about that :-)      

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Critters are the best :)
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Congrats on the new family member!  Sounds like he was born to be yours! :)  
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Wow, lab X retriever! I don't think you could have picked any better. Great disposition and brains. What a wonderful addition to your family! Congrats!

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Oh JJ, I'm right behind you but it's a secret. Shhh ~

We had an absolutely perfect and beautiful Retriever named Zeus. He died two summers ago and I'm so ready for a baby pup.

My husband told me we will get a Retriever pup out of his Aunt's next litter. Yay! Our kids don't know. My husband wasn't going to tell me but then I got sick and needed the IVSM so he thought I needed a pick me up. ;)

Would you post a picture? I would like to see what he looks like. :)

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I've been exhausted today but i'll see if i can get some pictures up soon, oh and I have a correction HoBo is 8 weeks old not 6 lol He slept through most of the night, he moved off his bed to a spot on the floor in line with where my head was. No sooking when he woke around 8am, just a little paw reaching up the bed. It was like he was saying yoohoo i'm awake, time to get up, cute!

He's currently asleep under my chair, head resting on my foot lol is it possible to have a polite pup, he even takes steak gently out of your fingers, not a nippy snatch, cant think of it as anything but polite. Not sure what he sounds like yet, he's hasn't yapped or barked but he has sooked a couple of times when he's woken up and the person he was sleeping next to wasn't there anymore, i do think he's going to be a people dog.

I'll be very happy if he just does basic obedience training, and stays off the leather couches lol fingers crossed.

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Oh I forgot to mention that over hear in OZ, a golden retriever cross labradore is called a 'retrieverdore' do you guys call it the same thing?
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We had a lab for 16 years!  Jake was so smart and what a great family dog.  They learn so quickly.  We lost Jake and miss him horrible but we loved all the years.  I am so happy for your family and the new addition!  Congrats!  We took him too puppy training and then toddler training-went well!
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JJ, I had never heard of a LabX and when I asked my husband, he hadn't either.

I am very happy for you. He sounds a lot like Zeus. He honestly was the best dog I've ever met. I miss him and hope for a similar personality. We have a good chance since this will be the same line. . He never barked a day. Just talked. :)

Lucky you!!
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Cograts on you new baby! I have had a. Golden retriever in our family for 30 years! We are actually on our fourth Golden. They have all been fun, gentle loving girls. They have all had their own unique personality and I have loved them all! My family would not feel complete without our Pup! I hope you new baby brings you much comfort, love, joy and companionship :)
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I just discovered in America this breed is more often called 'Goldadore' but in OZ we call them 'Retrievadore' -

Information about Golden Labradors
Before you decide, you will need to know a little bit about this new breed. The Golden Retriever Lab mix was originally crossed to create a new type of service dog.

Golden Retrievers are very sensitive to people while Labrador Retrievers are generally very friendly yet driven to work. By crossing the two, people hoped to get a calmer yet very friendly and driven service dog.

So far this cross has been successful, with most of them going on to be amazing seeing eye dogs, search and rescue dogs, and even bomb detection dogs.

Training a Golden Retriever Lab Mix Puppy
Both the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are very intelligent and quick to learn and the Golden Labrador is no different. Just be sure you focus on basic obedience training from the very beginning because your new puppy’s smarts might get him into trouble.

[see pupvana web site]

So thats something I didn't know and probably why HoBo is such a calm placid little follow, who likes nothing better than to sleep leaning on a human. Chase and retrieve his tennis balls and smart enough to already sit and shake on command 7 times out of 10 lol I think we did pick the perfect breed for us.


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